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  1. Atm my favorite album is Origin of Symmetry by Muse
  2. Doesn't this go in questionnaires? For me I don't really know lol. Probably when I max out or something more important comes up in life
  3. Imo the most respectable cape would have to be mining. It's the one skill that really hasn't changed much at all. Then for the 3 skills obviously looked down upon, here are my opinions: fletching > firemaking > cooking. Mainly because of the looks. They're all easy (well not easy...just easier than the other skills) but I only got 99 fletching because it was my favorite looking skill cape. Firemaking and cooking are both ugly to me. Same with defence, I hate the cape but I love the skill :|
  4. In no order: Don't mess with the zohan Nacho Libre August Rush (stfu :l) Bourne Ultimatum Ugh can't think of a 5th..
  5. Band: System of a Down Album: Mezmerize Still favorite?: Not sure. I love all the SOAD albums, but that was the one that got me into them :P Band: Muse Album: Black Holes and Revelations Still favorite?: Nope, new favorite is origin of symmetry I couldn't choose which was my favorite band, so I listed them both
  6. W99 is the tif home world :P When I first started playing I was f2p and I just chose randomly, and when the best world came out I used that. Then when I became member it was w44, it's my lucky number and my friends were on there. And I practically stayed there for like 3 years, knew lots of people and hung around seers a lot. Then I quit for half a year and most of the people I knew either also quit or didn't remember me :wall: so I eventually found tip it and now I use 99
  7. Also: Zierro, Lenticular, and pez. I really don't know why though :|
  8. Yeah, she is really nice other than those things...and thanks for the opinion :D I still have some feelings for her but I REALLY doubt that she likes me back, and besides those feelings aren't enough to motivate me to do anything :P But anyways i've been feeling a lot better, I think that was the one time in my life where I really felt "sad", like, really sad, but i'm much happier now. And the band's making even better music too :thumbsup:
  9. I really doubt you'd say the same thing if you'd been to sara before :|
  10. Or back before runes were invented :o
  11. Dt skeletons are never crowded :| i've known about the spot for like a year and never had to world hop
  12. The dude with the Duke Nukem signature. Reason: his signature
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