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  1. For some reason I cannot get full screen to work, every time I try to enter full screen the ui changes but the actual game screen does not and I just get empty black space. See below for picture, any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the help guys. Could anyone explain to me the best gear? As in gloves, amulets....etc?
  3. Hi guys, After nearly a year hiatus, I have curiously started on my adventure again, but not without a few problems. I have no idea what the [bleep] i'm doing and I have no gear. Basically I'm looking for an indepth guide to RS3 and the EOC, and am hoping someone here can point me in the correct direction.
  4. 1 Prayer jad is again possible and very easy due to the eat glitch.
  5. Ok, http://services.rune...Games_Of_Chance You know where to find me ingame, thank you for the free money.
  6. Congrats :P Thanks for the scouting report as well, it's been awhile.
  7. Oh construction, the money sink of runescape.
  8. That was certainly an incredible amount of effort you put in there.
  9. So painfully wrong, and thats why people argue. It did effect our game. I'm not trying to get in the middle of this, but if you're going to reference that stupid quest then you're extremely childish. You cannot wait one week for a quest? It's a one time thing, if you don't want it to affect your precious game, than maybe go vote so they can put a dedicated team onto the servers. I don't understand the mentality of "I'm not voting because I don't want it to influence the EOC game." If you truly don't want it affect your game than support the building of a dedicated team. Otherwise it will be a side project for the main developers who will most likely develop both games.
  10. I'd imagine you just get the xp, construction is only untrainable because PoH are turned off due to needing to find/make work the old poh servers. I think construction is disabled for either 2 reasons, and hopefully it's both. They need to fix all the glitches with construction, of which there were tons back in 2007, and maybe they are reworking the price scaling. Construction was designed as a money sink for an inflated economy, and it'd extremely impractical to train it in a young economy like this one. As another reference, I've heard BA is also disabled, I can only assume that is to take time to prevent numerous smuggling glitches.
  11. Wednesday at the latest. Thieving will be the first, followed closely by cooking. Both #1's are currently sitting at 90 right now. EDIT; This thread sucks because you are all acting so immature. The ignorance needs to stop. It's like watching children fight over who has the better juicebox. Surprising the mods haven't locked this yet, this is painful to read. It's very annoying when people, as witnessed in this thread, try to act like analysts and justify why people are and aren't playing. It doesn't affect you so go play your game and be done with it. You don't need to have a say on why people play and why they don't; And frankly from reading these types of posts, some of you are complete idiots and keyboard warriors.
  12. Where/how did you get those pie dishes? The bartender in seers sells meat pies and stew.
  13. I got RedBarred by an ankou on the last level of the stronghold. I'm satisfied :P
  14. This is obviously more of a priority over a quest. I guarantee more people would prefer this over a quest.
  15. I think you all are over thinking this...That requires a trust trade so it will not exactly be ideal...
  16. Here is one: http://www.reddit.co...aterfall_quest/ It pretty much just involves rushing the Waterfall quest for 30 attack and strength. After that I think mining essence for 1-15 then doing Doric's Quest and The Knight's Sword for quick mining and smithing levels, and then doing Tourist Trap for 1-26 agility would be a good idea. Otherwise I haven't put too much thought into it. Thanks :P
  17. After I finish some of my course work I am going to try and compile a quest path. Any input is welcome, and the goal of this is too gain as much xp/reward as quickly as possible, so low req quests are necessary.
  18. Unids were an interesting system though....Very easy to exploit for monetary gains
  19. I plan on doing waterfall quest, then going straight to the bone yard in hopes that a lot of people won't be there (Unlikely :sad: )
  20. When did you come back? I haven't seen you in 3 years.
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