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Well welcome! At the creation of this blog alot had happend in the past few weeks, as known by most everyone a techie went rouge and deleted a whole bunch of stuff including my blog! And if that wasn't bad enough, I got hacked last week by a "Friend" I had known forever and trusted (No account sharing so don't even go there). I lost 20m+, but I did not quit! I did not give up, I am at about 5m bank worth right now and am wanting more money than before! Right now my plan is todo some barrows and have fun with it until I can afford a good saradomin GWD setup, and inv for a bunch of trips. Then that is when the real cash will start rolling in :). And if you do read my blog or just look at pictures, please post something even as small as 'Bump'. Thanks!




.:: What I am doing right now! ::.




Well I am training to 99 Strength right now in world 99 :). Hyt me up if you want! Private is usualy on.




.:: Stats! ::.




Stats at the creation of this blog (July 03, 2008):








Stats that are current:








.:: Goals! ::.




Well basicly I am going after money but I do have a few stat goals and they are,
















These will just come when I feel like it, the 99 str will probaly come before most of them but I am hoping to get range done first. Makes sara GWD a whole lot easier :).




.:: Most Recent Picture! ::.








.:: Drops! ::.




All my drops will be put here soon (I have quite a few GWD drop pic's but recently had to do a system restore on my computer and lost them but am searching through my many Photobucket accounts for them. I will post all drops including barrows!

| Dragon drops: 5 | GWD drops: 8 | DK drops: 4 | Obby drops: 2 |

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What a nub blog tbh <3:<3:<3:<3: get some barrows drops with meh, Im gonna barrows soon tbh ^^. Gl on getting molah back and if you have the right stats I will take you to sara with me


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love the blog


simple but makes the point


good luck with your goals :thumbsup:




i know what you mean... i got hacked by a "friend" a few years back... lost about 2mill and my lunar staff collection(had about 2k) i quit after that for a short time... but im back now :D

New Sig Coming soon!

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