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The complete RuneScape trailer


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Loving the video.


Kind of makes me hate what this game is turning into :|




I'd have to agree it's just become like any other popular MMO with advertisments everywhere and I hope they don't go to TV ads like WoW did.


I don't think that Jagex is big enough to convince Mr T to do it. *envisions tv ad*


Oh god no. NO!

~ W ~



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Guest Wo0t

This just shows that RS is turning more into a buisness. Nonetheless, the trailer was quite interesting.

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Good Trailer.




+1 :thumbsup:




Ps. At the end, you get to get a glimpse of an underwater scene. you think it relates to any of the specalation about a new water-related skill? :?: :?:




I really wish people would just shut up about the water skill. There will not be one, and that picture was just a drawing for the homepage.




I agree with G_P_Kid btw. Of course they wait until everyone hates Jagex to get more people. I think more people would have joined with staking and pking Jagex.



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The new trailer rocks!


You expect a company to always be small? They are trying to place themselves as successful MMO company.




They are a successful company!








I could be A Jagex spy here to keep the people in line \'


I just came back from a long break. Back on bob.

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Came out the day of the graphics update, on Jagex's Youtube Channel.




Exactly what I thought too.




It looks pretty cool though, I'm sure it's attracted a lot of people already.






Yeah same here, it really does compliment how RS has evolved lately though.

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I have no intrest in helping "keyers" farm xp.

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