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  1. I last got Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I am currently non-stop playing Fortnite.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk...europe-15472547 It's very interesting that finally something is being done about Greece. I guess either Germany and France have high morals or they believe that something can be gained from helping Greece. What you guys think? Also, when will it be time to help out Spain, Italy, and Ireland?
  3. The Crystal Method - High Roller Sounds much better when I'm actually driving though.
  4. Latinoking


    Another Foreigner....? Although, I made a new "friend" who will teach me her culture/language of China. But, she's not saying if it's Manadrin/Cantonese. So, she's not really helpful at all.
  5. Latinoking


    These are the shoes, I currently wear all the time. But, I really want to buy some football boots. I would love to have a Nikey one. Such as these: And, I would love to add some Dr. Martins since it's been quite some time since I've owned a pair and they are a really good shoe brand. Awesome boots are awesome.
  6. While he might end combat operation. Oil takeover will still continue, yes? Wow, very interesting.
  7. Start saving for books in college. :thumbup:
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    I'm guess I'm in the same boat as other TIFers. I'm in the same pool as other with poor fathers. I was and am and will continue to be embarrassed of the man called my father. I won't go into details on why, but it's a pity that he was such a poor father. But, this is life and one has to move forward. I definitely plan on changing my last name. Don't know if I will go far as how men are now doing in taking their future wife last name, but who knows. It's a possibility especially if she wants to keep her name. Glad that him being out of my and my mother and sister life have all been better for them and myself. Sure, a fatherly figure could have been real helpful especially when I was going through puberty, but I managed alright with different people throughout that time period. I would model after my friends (which were mostly jocks so this helped a lot especially when it came being tough and pushing yourself since their fathers did this to them), my Taekwondo masters (self-discipline and trying to live a good life), and as mention movies and even soaps (not the ones where the guy is usually cheating on his wife of course.)
  9. I don't think I will have the time nor put the dedication that is required for that game.

  10. loves Taeyeon Kim from SNSD!

  11. Been done with school, but haven't been on the forums. Reading them right now, LOL!

  12. It was never confirmed as a skill. In fact, Jagex has denied it several times. Literally the only reason why people thought sailing would be a skill was that people thought the mage in the Runescape banner picture was sailing. Seriously. I know it was silly. I bet those people are crying or something.
  13. LOL. Whatever happen to sailing becoming the new skill?
  14. The part that REALLY BOTHERS me is that if you're on NOT their "good/safe list" they censor you (the fan-site) in-game for not complying with their demands. They've always abused the censor, but this is simply taking it to another level. So because Zybez said no. They are now censored? Cool Move Jagex! This "change" wasn't big anyways, so I'm glad that Tip.it is "safe" to say in-game without being scared of being muted. But I seriously hope the threat of being censored in-game doesn't make Tip.it a bad decision in the future.
  15. Oh, I know that they for quite some time that they didn't want people going to/mentioning/suggesting to others fansites for guides, ingame history, updates etc. so they "improved" their website' knowledge base. But I was reading through the thread and someone mention how another fansite also was approach by Jagex and they refuse to compile with Jagex's orders and now their website name is censored ingame. I'm guessing that this is recent, as now if you're on the safe list...you're website name isn't censor. That's just plain dumb. You have to be on the "safe list" to not be censored now? Cool...
  16. Do they really threat to mute/ban people if a player types a fansite from not the not "safe" list under the cover that they are trying to protect users of RuneScape? That's sad. Sorry, I've been away for a while. I guess this change is fine, but Jagex really has always had controlling issues and this is just them showing them off again. To be honest their site of "safe sites" is stupid. We the users on the forum and browsers of the site already know the site is safe. Who gives a hoot if Jagex says otherwise. I hope for not every "little thing," Tip.It adheres to every demand that Jagex Ltd. in the future might impose just to remain on the "safe" list. While I might not play World of Warcraft or something popular along those lines if Jagex were to ask to remove the thread(s), I hope Tip.it makes the right decision.
  17. Woah, that is insane! This one picture and is this one showing the charges is just crazy. I'm glad that there are people there who are telling them to do the paperwork that is necessary. I can't believe a company would let such a thing happen to be honest. I find it very scary that they are charging accounts that are suppose to be banned/closed. What the hell? This is why I am a fan of using a prepaid credit card for games that require monthly memberships. If you have money to play the game, then play. But if you don't, just wait or something. Since this is a RuneScape forum afterall; imagine if this happen to Jagex Ltd.?
  18. I don't care if they do. I'm just saying there's lots of competition over a single female in China now and days and how is that a good effect? Change up the policy? Even though it seems that there simply is going to just be more interracial marriages. http://www.chinadail...ent_9299995.htm I guess don't be surprised at all by a Chinese men with a Vietnamese female in the future. http://www.cnngo.com/shanghai/none/vietnamese-brides-sale-and-chinese-men-are-buying-889067 Mixing up races in the world is okay, less racism imo. But to just think Vietnam is the place to simply get a wife now? I dunno.
  19. While some might recommend Rosetta Stone, that might help, but it simply isn't enough. There simply has to be more to fully be at least conversational. Nothing beats having that good tutor/friend/professor teaching you the language. If you have an iPod Touch/iPhone there's several good apps out there which are nice to have to practice while one is away. There's one called Lingopal and they have it for several languages and it has been useful to practice simply the basics while waiting for class or doing it while I'm bored. Right now, what I know is English and Spanish (from childhood), French (four years from high school and practice on and off) and know some basic Italian and Portuguese. I talked to a Brazilian person and he tried out some Portuguese and I understood quite a bit and was happy (and this was simply from the app and him telling me that Portugese is simply Spanish with a french accent.) There's more to it, but I got a good gist. Then there's languages I simply fool around with; Chinese, Japanese, and Korean but those are very difficult. It takes time, but with effort and dedication one can succeed.
  20. False. I say they are doing a huge mistake. There's a huge overpopulation of males and not enough females. The effects of this wrongdoing is already being felt now.
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