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F2P money problem


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No this is not that f2p topic where i need fast, easy money because i am fully aware that those dont happen only by a stroke of luck.




But i am having financial issues on my f2p account. I want to have money because i want to have the feeling that i can spend money for more than enough supplies (preferable pking since this is a str pure account)




supplies needed r good food, potions, armor, and runes but this does cost money and that is something i dont have.




I am fully aware of the GE and how to make money from it by investing. just look on the 30day graph and see when its going to go up or simply speculate on how an update will change the demand of an object. believe me i know when to buy or sell but my real problem is that when i know something is going to go up i feel unsure on its later status. i think i have this feeling because i do not have much money to invest in. i have about 300k in bank on this account and to make a decent profit from update releases or just in general i feel that i could make little money or ill end up broke.




so my question is, how can i make starting money (but i already know that) i can do my smithing method or the vial method.




so let me rephrase the question ... how can i make fast, easy money #-o see wat just happed there :wall:




i need serous help on how to make starting money. i need it to be somewat easy. i cant find the solution. i know it is somewhere in the ge i just can find out how. wat r good methods even for players like me who have little money to invest.

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i am a pure so my stats rnt really good...




i have 40attack 60 something str 1 def.




as far as noncombat go its 42 or so smithing from the steel method which brought in my first 300k. the others r so low that it isnt worth mentioning. :oops:

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i agree at your level cows would be decent money easy to kill and close to a bank but maybe at a higher level hill giants as b bones are around 350gp price. but all around cowhides because at ur level u will need food for hill giants but definatly not for cows




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If you have 50+ Mining, you could try Mining Gold at the Crafting Guild. This can become very profitable over time and if you are focused and stick with it.

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You will need very little money to invest on eyes of newt (they are 3gp each in Port Sarim magical store). Then sell them at GE.


That's 21x your money spent in worst case scenario as shown here :roll:



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