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Range tanking?


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Basically it when you try to raise your defence bonus as high as you can to aviod taking damage without using prayer.




Most people use this when they talk about range, besicaly means that they're wearing mostly melee armor rather than range armor

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Tanking has nothing to do with the armor you wear, it's a type of fighting. There's praying, where you take hits from the monster but protect against them with prayer, thus taking no damage. Then there's safespotting, where you stand where you can't be hit and shoot the monster. Finally, there's tanking, which is letting the monster damage you while you range it.

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Tanking with range




Normally you wear Black D'Hide body, dragon med/full helm, Dragon boots, dragon skirt/legs, dragon gauntlets, and you bring a runecbow/good shield or a crystal bow.




At least 60 def and 70 range.




The higher def the better. It makes it so you take a LOT less damage when fighting monsters.

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