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  1. Alright, 80 strength + mage & 70rc before I start with DGS. Thanks for the replies. ;)
  2. I'm considering buying membership on my account as school is out and I have loads of free time for the next few months. However, I want to know that DGS would be willing to regularly take my on teams before I waste £5 on membership, because the only reason I want members is to do P2P dungeoneering. :) Dungeoneering: 79 (all F2P) Combat: 73 Attack: 45 Strength: 75 Defence: 45 Hitpoints: 71 Ranged: 74 Prayer: 45 Magic: 70 I'm most likely going to bind a maul with the 70 strength requirement, as I don't wish to gain attack/defence levels. Other binds (2nd weapon/ammo) I will leave to you experienced dungeoneer'ers to decide. Obviously a SSH as soon as I come across it, and perhaps laws as my RC level is only 51. I've been playing for 5 years altogether, 4+ years on my main account so I have a good understanding of RuneScape in general (if that helps). Positive attitude and willingness to learn are both my strong points, and the idea of rushing dungeons is far more interesting to me than to play slowly. I'm not bothered about dying often as I wouldn't want to be hiding outside of rooms and being afraid to die which would slow down the team. I ALWAYS put the teams best interests before mine. :thumbup: Question: Can someone with my stats get into DGS teams often? Or shall I just not bother buying membership? EDIT: Should mention I want to dungeoneer because I love the skill, not for rewards or any other reason.
  3. It wasn't instanced back when I was training (many months ago), when was this changed?
  4. You could always go Fist of Guthix in full iron armour, and auto-cast fail a lot. Afk-able and alright xp at that level.
  5. What's the rough dg lvl to be accepted there? In my experience they prefer high combats (100+) and skillers (3) on a team. I'm 73 combat but 78 dungeoneering and they've never accepted me, even when I've mentioned my level, so I've stuck to W7. Though in their defence I did only try a few times after which I got bored.
  6. It really doesnt matter, but I would go with defence for more even stats. 90 defence will allow you to wield prom platebody which will be useful when dung'ing, whereas the same amount xp gain in attack won't allow you to wield anything new/useful.
  7. Play GOP, 50rc req at which point you can average 200k/h.
  8. He has 1 dungeoneering. I agree get Rapier and Turmoil before ruining a Zerker :)
  9. I think he replaced the claws with a fury and zerker ring, so he won't be getting any Herblore levels with the 3M leftover.
  10. You need to recharge the glories once they're uncharged underneath Heroes Guild (requires heroes quest) thus you regain charges and it doesn't cost anything. Most people will buy 20+ glories to allow for multiple abyss runs and then recharging the whole lot in one go. Simply, it doesn't cost anything per charge. ;)
  11. Looks rather brutish doesn't it. :P
  12. more efficient. and srsly talon beast charms arent worth the time It's not about efficiency though, it's about maxing xp so Talons are better.
  13. You may just want to bind 125 blood runes while you wait for a surgebox drop.
  14. Just to add, you don't get tokens for leaving a dungeon early; you have to see it through to the end to gain tokens. ;)
  15. If solo'ing only, then yes that is the best xp. However it would be far more beneficial to do the last 5 Larges 5:5 with a team; far better xp.
  16. Actually go all out offensive, because the faster you kill the brothers the less time you'll spend inside the tombs and so your prayer will be drained less often. So less prayer bonus means faster brother killing. ;)
  17. I'd have to agree, you must recreate Varrock! :D
  18. Looks great! Out of interest did you use any mods or was it all built from scratch, collecting blocks and such? If so I know how much work goes into building a structure like that, having once built the whole of Varrock Castle myself, complete with correctly placed furniture and torch spots. I then proceeded to build and complete varrock sewers below, but sadly my computer crashed and I lost the game file. Now Minecraft refuses to even work on a brand new laptop. <_< Goodbye plans to recreate the whole of varrock. :rolleyes: A great achievement though and one that would have been my next structure. :D
  19. World 25 seems to be the same because my account is currently logged in there. I've checked via another account and it shows me still logged in on W25 over 15 minutes later.
  20. Thanks very much Kimberly, and everyone who replied, I've got my answer. :)
  21. I think there is a strong possibility; so yes at some point.
  22. Even in F2P it's my favourite skill :P and thanks I'll keep that in mind.
  23. 60 Attack 80+ Strength 1 Defence 31 Prayer Will put you at mid/high 60s combat, with max hit around 500+ (80 strength) EDIT: You will want 31 prayer as 25 is minimum to protect your claws, so the extra 6 levels would be worth it for +15% strength boost.
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