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- Turnpikes - Road to Max Cape -

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Thanks ice you big noob. <3


47 Iron Dragons ---> 39 Skeletons

186 Greater Demons

132 Fire Giants

174 Kalphites ---> 36 Cave Slime

79 Black Dragons ---> 22 Cave Bugs

184 Kalphites ---> 41 Skeletons

177 Fire Giants


Here are some more of my tasks. Working on the 177 Fire Giants now. :D


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Thanks you guys. I would like to know the trick to getting the pictures like that. :oops:


Instead of using the Image covered Links, use the direct link, and put the tabs in on theese forums, should be normal pictures then.

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:o 1 moar level til Hp cape!!! <3:




Nice one! Keep it up! :thumbsup:




It is going to be the longest 1.2M exp of my life. :(




i got 98-99 hitpoints in a day :twss:




But seriously it wasent fun... -.-

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