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Regicide for clue scroll


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OK, here's the situation. I've got my 2nd ever level 3 clue scroll (both from blue drags) and on the second stage I got a coordinates clue (0000 N 0717 W I think). I looked this up and it said I have to do Regicide to get there. I had recently completed Underground Pass but only had level 44 agility. I started training at the Agility arena, I had 33 tickets and got very bored. Got 46 ag from that, then did Icthlarin's little helper and got 47 ag. Now I'm looking at how to train agility higher, and if there is any faster way than the Agility arena. I'm doing cold war at the moment, and i'll try the course at the end of that quest.


Also, when I finally get the agility to complete Regicide, do you think my cb is high enough to do it?

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Try taking the Charter Ship (start in Catherby) to the Tyras Camp. I think you may be able to get around the Quest requirement this way. (This can also be used for Port Phasty ;).




Sneaky, eh?




you need the quests... even if you use the carter ships.. its just not available then..




imo train your agility.. you could try the wildy course but i got ~55 via brimhaven arena.. so good luck


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Try some more quests or head to the barbarian course. I stayed there to 53, and from there I will pot when I decide to do Regicide.




I had the same co-ords as you, but wasn't really ready to do the clue so I dropped it. 20 mins later, I got another at Abby Spectres :D

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