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Hi! New Member, Quest advice!


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Hi I'm a new member, been on f2p for a long time so all f2p quests are completed.




I want some advice on what quest to begin with on p2p.


An easy quest that doesn't require so much skill.




You can see my stats below.




Some of them are not ranked because the lvls are too low.








Fletching = 35


Thieving = 24


Agility = 25


Range = 33


Farming = 8


Runecrafting = 19


Slayer = 1


Construction = 1


Summoning = 1


Herblore = 1




So what should I start with? :)

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There are so many quests its hard to say. Use tipits quest calculator to see what ones u can do and what ones need level requirements.



Mercifull <3 Suzi

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Priest In Peril is a must as it unlocks the Eastern lands.


The Western lands are unlocked with Biohazard/Plague City line of quests but the area isn't that important to a new member.




Do the ones to unlock skills. Wolf Whistle for Summoning and Druidic Ritual for Herblore.




After that I would focus on unlocking transportation. Fairy Tale pt 1 and starting Fairy Tale pt 2 (don't worry about the high reqs you only need to do part of it) to unlock Fairy Rings is pretty essential. Lost City required for this too.




Take a read of the rewards and see which ones take your fancy.


Trust the Gene Genie!

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I agree with both the Priest in Peril and the Fairy Tale suggestions. The Fairy Rings are very useful, and the eastern half of the continent is pretty useful for quests. Remember, you do not(as cat said) need the member skill requirements to unlock the Fairy Rings(I unlocked them a month ago and still haven't finished the quest). It really depends on what you want to do, but I suggest doing quite a few quests before moving on to training and such.


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Priest in Peril- Eastern Lands unlocked.


Lost City- Basic dragon weapons.


Gnome Stronghold/Monkey Madness- Dragon Scimitar for training.


Wolf Whistle/Druidic Ritual- Herblore and ummoning unlocked.


As a First Resort- Access to all the useful pools and a good money-making technique (raw bird meat).





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