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It was great fun

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Well after nearly 4 years of on/off playing, as well as many long nights of playing, the day has finally come for me to retire. It has definitely been a blast playing Runescape with all my good friends that I have made, and especially with the great tip.it community, but over the past 2 months I have felt the need to play less and less, not to mention that I know have a job and do alot more off the computer and so, I think the time has come to quit. I may come back to play when new updates come out or check out the new stuff they have to offer, but until then, I take my leave.


[hide=My Final Bank]mybank.jpgAlso note that I have an Easter egg in the GE selling[/hide]


[hide=Some of my best accomplishments]85 Slayer






Best Spirit Mage trip






1st and only Hilt split






Draconic Visage drop






D2H from KQ






KBD Heads






90 Magic








Buying my First Rare






My first Rare






99 Fletching






BoB before 99 Fletching






[hide=My first ever Bank pic]dragonsbank1do0.png[/hide]




Now I gotta give a shout-out to all of my good friends:




Spirallance1- definitely the best, stuck with me when everyone else quit


Skaterscoot6- made Runescape fun even when everything was boring


Triplewich- awesome guy, always tried to get people active in Boss trips


Stealth117- made one of the best clans, also one amazing guy


Sparky1_2007- knew how to have fun while keeping control, you rock


Musky44- Another amazing guy, always made #gwda extra fun


Haz_280- This guy is the MAN, nuff said


Creator288- definitely is one of the toughest guys I knew in RS, always ready for anything


Puuuuuuuuure1(might not be right amount of u's)- Your just one crazy guy, made Pk-ing fun


Kuroudo2- This guy is just one of the craziest guys in all of RS. knew how to really shake up IRC


Brunokiller- Always was fun bringing you along on GWD trips, kept your cool about you


Darkmage3191- Remember stringing the bows? I do :P


Spazlazz- His name explains enough


Bakura18- Another amazingly tough guy, excellent at all forms of combat


Lazy mage27- One of the coolest guys I know, keep up the good work man


Darkruller00- Helped tons with making money, and being a supporter


And to all the others I may have missed, you all made my career on Runescape enjoyable. I hope you guys the best in your future Runescape and Real Life goals. :thumbsup:




Now I will still be active on these forums mind you. I don't think I will ever be able to leave these forums. I enjoy reading up on all the many things everyone here does on Runescape and in other focuses that I never could leave, so Tip.it, you guys are too amazing to simply leave.




So now, I have finished my post, you can rate me if you want, I just want you guys to see how much I have accomplished in my RS career.





99 Fletching 99 Attack 99 Constitution 99 Cooking 99 Strength

Gamertag: H8tebringer


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I wasn't forced Bruno 8-)




Haven't talked much to you in GWDA, too bad :( Still sad to see another one go.


Have fun in life, and I'm sure you're better at quitting then I am :lol: :lol:

Dragon drops: 82 (2 claws)

Dagannoth kings drops: 73

Barrows item count: 51

GWD drops: 54 (5 hilts: 1x bandos, 3x saradomin, 1x zamorak)

Whips: 4

Sigils: 1x spectral (FFA), 1x arcane (FFA)

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Yeah, it took almost another week just to finish up my thinking about whether I should quit or not, and trust me, I've been really thinking about it alot. Most of all, I'm gonna miss the guys in GWD Anonymous. You guys definitely brought new life to the game back when I originally wanted to quit, and brought me back to stay for a whole 6 months more.

99 Fletching 99 Attack 99 Constitution 99 Cooking 99 Strength

Gamertag: H8tebringer


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bye gl in rl! However your stats are just very average, although you could've got your skills amazingly good, however you didn't >.< maybe play to get it up even more? and collect more rares? ;)

118 combat

99 construction, hunter, firemaking,woodcutting, cooking


Sara Drops:1x hilt 1x SS

Arma Drops:1x Hilt

Rex Drops:7x D axe 3x Beserker ring 2x Warrior ring

Dragon Drops:1x Chain

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