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while guthix sleeps guide


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Lol, you beat me to it;




well, I put this together in notepad; feel free to compare to see if one of us caught something the other missed:




stuff needed:








snap seed (or more cash then max ge-price)


saph lantern


other lightsource (normal bullseye adviced)


lantern lens


carcoal and papyrus


unpowered orb


bronze med


iron chain






veracs or weapons for more combo of mage/range/melee (black sally adviced)






Talk to the legensguild dude




go to taverly (crystal key house) and talk to the ivy downstairs, go talk with the dude upstairs, be prepared to kill some low level assasins




Talk to reldo




talk to hunter expert at feldip hills (take logs, knife, hammer)




go to port khazard, talk to a local and the laundry-dude (wear charos(a) )




go to battlefield of khazard and search the broken table in house to reveal trapdoor




go north and follow the curve




use an elemental rune on door, then use rune according to what spell hits you (take some food)


be prepared to kill a bunch of lvl 90+ (dunno exact level anymore; pray melee)


after door: follow the lit wires and search bookcase at end of a lit wire


search stairs to disable trap


search his desk


take waistbasket and search it for key


search bookcase for keyhole


use key, go upstairs


search bed; disable trap by searching chest, open chest and search it


back downstairs to wire room


check your weight


search poster and check the thermometer-thingy


do weight-ticks= x


take x kg of the weights inthere


back upstairs and put the weights on the statue


tele out and go talk to the dude




go to seers, west of town above the woods near the entrance of temple, small cutscene, kill some attackers


go to seers pub upstairs to find the girl




fally tele, talk to the dude in the parc


fally castle, east side


use tele-orb-thing you get on the strangers in draynor till succesfull, then fally tele


have snap seed and 20 coins with you and let them tele you to betty, buy pink dye and apply on the lens also ask the normal thruth potion


Back to fally, seeds needs to be planted at top of west tower of fally castle




npc contact is good for next part: contact the names said (the gnome has a fairy gode to his island)




pick snap, use on thruth pot, have carcoal and papyrus ready, talk to the dude and make sure you have a sketch


now to black knight fortress


go downstairs and cast charge orb (don't forget orb) on the tile


kill 3 lvl 138's (they switch prot prayers; they run outa pray after a while, so bring a weapon to finish if you want speed; pony or yip adviced: you'll be attacked by all styles)


wear the 3 elite items (can be in combo with order gear) jump over bridge, take first left, round barricade and go threw door into a room with some tables (war-room imo)


grab all from tables, check wardrobe and search the key from keyrack right of wardrobe


go free silfis (he's outside that room, not to far)




then with silfis outside and to the war-room


a bit north of the door are maps against the wall


after that use the orb you get from silfis on the boss




then you switch roles with surok




go up the ladder in the war-room


use the orb from the tables when standing on the symbol


take the corridor north and stay right next to wildy


climb wall and jump to chapel




jump back to icewall, tele out




to lumby (tears of guth area)


take spade, chisel (for lazy people: one of each kind of powered orb instead chisel and spade), lantern, saph lantern, a whole lot of super energies or dip in oglog pool


talk to moravio


use saph lantern on creature and chose "into the chasm"


search skeleton for druid pouch and sickle


use spade on rock and use chisel on brazier to get powered orb (2x)


use chisel on brazier (x2)


use the orbs on the 4 skeleton-heads (the 4th you ned to climb to)


then climb into each of the 3 lower skeletons noses and put key in place


use 4th key on reces-thingy of top-skeleton, search the cube-thing to open tunnel


fill druid pouch from vines (lazy people: have filled druid pouch with you)


use th herb and second(s) on the apropriate altar to get a dolmen (examine altar to see what it's dedicated to)


use the 8 dolmens on the round table so the door opens


tele out




prepare to fight a lvl 400+ which switches attack styles (I wore black d hide, had pony and prayed melee when he stopped ranging)


also have your black sally again with you


piety, pure set and dp++ specs works nice as start


after you kill him a cutscene


talk to movario (use all options ecept "talking is over")


same with lucien


then lucien summons 2 big demons; you'll be boosted extremely (all cb-stats to 200+ except pray it seemed)


kill the demons (piece of cake with such insane stats; I even hit a 78 with range-style and black sally, lol and also such a thing with mage


talk to the girl; she teles you out, quest finished, some cutscenes; 4 times 100k xp too (free 400k summon-xp for me :D )

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can someone please get a picture of the rune door? a png please


it's a lot easier to get over yourself when you look at intelligence the same way you look at beauty, or height, or eye color: being smart is easy, but being good is hard ... being smart is handed to you, being good is handed to *nobody*.

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For those interested in collecting from the stockpiles, you'll still need to collect weights to be able to leave and teleport.




This is how I do it:


- NOTE: I carry about 22 kg of dead weight (stuff that comes with me anyways)


1. Teleport to Al-Kharid and take gnome glider to the Gnome Stronghold, and use the spirit trees to get to the Khazard battlefield. (or Draynor if you have a spirit tree there)


2. Run to the trapdoor, and down... and then run through the tunnel system.


3. Grab weights (assuming you have 27 inventory spaces free)


- If you're getting magic logs, grab 10 X 5kg and 2 X 2kg


- If you're after coal, get 12 X 5gp weights


4. Run them upstairs and put them on the statue


5. Then collect your raw materials from the small cave and exit through the available door.


6. Repeat

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1) talk to radimus erkle in legend's guild. Chat and learn that a druidess wishes to visit Karamja. He tells you the password you must identify as is "Our friends in common places great faith in totems."




2) Head to Taverly to the house opposite the Witch's house to the south (where the crystal chest is located). You'll find the druidess's name is Ivy Sophista. Tell her the password. [Picture would be helpful here]




3) Head up the ladder to the east and talk to Thaerisk Cemphier. You learn the trip to karamja was a ruse and in reality he is part of a group of druids who believe in more direct action than currently being taken. Also, lucien has apparently obtained the Staff of Armadyl.




4) You will suddenly be interrupted by two level 38 assassians. Kill both and talk to Thaerisk again.




5) After going through the conversation and questions, eventually you will be told Thaerisk wishes you to learn more about Movario and suggests you head to Varrock library.




6) Go to Varrock library and talk to Reldo. You learn He has Khazard connections and accent, reads ancient and obscure texts in foreign languages and harshly punished a thief he caught. Reldo suggests to talk to a jungle hunting expert on the matter to help track down Movario.




7) head off to feldip hills to talk to the hunting expert. [Picture would be helpful here]. She tells you about the wild broav and its abilities to track. She also tells you to bring one back to her so she can train it for you.




8) To capture a broav, you must trap it like a larupia except you must use a mort myre fungus in the trap as bait. The Hunter expert gives you your first fungus and the hunting area is to the west of the Hunter. [Picture would be helpful]




9) Build a trap in the special pit, place a fungus on it, and soon you will hopefully capture an unconcious broav and bring it back to the Hunter.




10) Once past the cut scene, the broav is conscious and the Hunter suggests it is best to have an item of movario so it can track.




11) Head off to Khazard. Talk to any one of the guards and they will suggest that Movario takes his laundry just North-West of the Fight Arena. Head to the North West area outside of the Fight Arena and find the Launderer.




12) Ask him if he knows Movario and he will tell you he can't due to client privileges. Bribe him with 5000 gp. He will give you one of Movario's shirts.




13) Use the shirt with the broav and it will begin to go in the direction of the North West. Every once in a while it will stop and you have to use the shirt on it again. If you get it stuck behind an object, pick it up and move it then use the shirt on it again once it is back out.




14) Eventually you will be lead to the khazard castle at the battlefield. Climb over the crumbled wall to get in. Have the broav smell the shirt by the broken table and it will squeal. You will find it is really a trapdoor. Open it and go down.




This place is filled with level 95 elites so food and armour is advised.


15) Head north at the interjuction and around until you reach a set of stairs. Go down and you'll find you are in an area that prevents teleportation and an old battered door.




16)You will have to use an elemental rune [AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, MIND, BODY] on the door to open it, yet the FIRST TIME MIGHT NOT ALWAYS WORK AND A FAILED ATTEMPT IS 25 HP LOST. (The attack given by the door corresponds to the color of the attack; For example: air used, blue attack = use water rune). It should say "you hear a click."




17) Attempting to open the door results in getting hit 35, being poisoned and being attacked by 3 elite guards. Right click the door and select search again. Select to disarm the trap and hopefully you will manage to disarm the trap.




18) Go through door having a mass of greater than 0kg. This next step is hard to explain but you have to spread out the electricity on the wire door out to the bookcases. start searching the closest bookcases with the wires connected. You can spot them since their wires on the floor light up and wiggle.. IF you have done it right, you will get a message of "CLICK." Continue this process until the electricity has been connected to all the bookcases and you will get a message that you have managed to pass along the electricity.




19) Go east and search the painting and go into the small chamber. Look at the thermometer. It will given a random reading of x-number of 'tickits.' There is a pile of weights to the south, you must equal your weight to the reading so pick up the needed number of 1,2, or 5kg weights. Also be sure to search the drawers for notes on pressure.




20) Go through the metal door and search the stairs to disable a trap before going up them.




21) Search the desk to obtain a volume of Movario's notes.




22) Pick up the waste-basket near the desk. Search it to obtain a ruby key. Use the key on the bookcase to the far west and it will reveal a set of stairs.




23) Go up the stairs and search the bed to reveal a chest. Search the chest to disable the trap. Use the ruby key on the chest to open it. Collect the strange key parts and volume 2 of notes.




24) Head back downstairs and balance out the weight on the statue. The amount needed is your weight (without the added weights) minus the reading on the thermometer. Go over to the door and if you have properly done it, you will open it and be returned to the original main underground room with elite guards. If you have not, you will be gassed and hit for damage, along with some of your items being taken away. DO not worry, you do not have to repeat the puzzles. Just keep going back until you can escape from the place with the notes.




25) Head back to Thaerisk. He will look over the notes and tell you that they are quite important and that Movario is on trail of the most powerful artefact ever concieved. Ask him what to do and he will tell you to talk to the Guardians of Armadyl, then to report to him at the White Knight's castle.




26) As you approach the hut, you will find a cut scene of mercenaries attacking the guardians. Kill the mercenaries except for the mage who will tele. TALK to the wounded guardian who tells you to "seek Idria who is in the arms of a forester." before explaining he will fall unconscious.




27) head back to the bar in seer's village and go up the stairs to talk to Idria. After chatting, your character will decide to want to visit Tiffy Cashion(sp) in Falador as well as visiting Thaerisk afterwards. Tele to falador.




28) He tells you to speak to Akrisae located in the White knight castle. Head off to the white knight castle. Once there speak to Akrisae who is on the east end of the castle. After talking you will be given a commorb you must plant on a spy. Ask and you can get a free tele to draynor village to find the spy.




29) Use the teleorb on one of the strangers in white robes. Return then back to the white knight castle.




30) A cut scene will occur where the truth serum attempted to beadministered to the shady stranger. He will knock out the druid. Talk to thaerisk again and you will learn you must create a new truth serum.




31) The first part encompasses visiting Betty in Port Sarim with a snapdragon seed.Either buy a seed from Thaerisk or use one of your own and Thaerisk will tele you to Port Sarim.




32) Talk to Betty. You learn you must use a rose tinted lens on a regular truth serum. You can obtain the serum and and rose tint from Betty for 20 gp (Pickpocket men to the south) but you must bring her your own lens. Use the dye on the latern lens and then while standing in the doorway with door open use the lens on the seed.


Search the counter to obtain the enriched snapdragon seed.




33)Return to Thaerisk. He tells you to grow the seed on the roof so head up. The patch is located on the Western tower. With a seed dibber, plant the seed. return to Thaerisk. You are to assemble a group of Heroes: Turael, Hazelmere, Duradel, and Mazchna.




34) Use games necklace to talk to Turael, Use fairy ring code (CLS) to talk to Hazelmere, Use karamja gloves3 or cart to talk to Duradel, and either ancient teleport to Canifis or with ectophial.Once you have fully convinced all of them, return to White KNight Castle.




35) After talking, you are told you need the potion now. Head up to the roof again to check on your patch with a spade. Use the enriched snapdragon upon the truth serum to get super truth serum.




36) Return back downstairs and go into the cell. Use the potion upon the spy and select the option on using torture. He will drink the potion. Start interrogating him. He talks of Dark Squall, a fearsome mage. Exit the jail and talk to Thaerisk.




37) You learn you must make a portrait of Dark Squall with charcoal and papyrus after locating him. Talk to the spy again with charcoal and papyrus in inventory and you will get a portrait in return. Talk to Idria.




38) Recruitment Round II: 3 members from warrior's guild: Ghommal, Sloane and Harrallack. Also Cyrisus who can be found on MoonClan island. Use Games necklace to reach the first three. Use Contact NPC spell to talk with Cyrisus. When finished, return to the castle.




39) You learn Silif has gone missing after following Dark Squall. Head Off to the Black KNight fortress. Be sure to have a bronze med helm and an iron chainbody to wear to get in.




39) Go through the secret panel and go the down the ladder. Find and search the out of place tile. Then cast any of the four charge orb spells upon it revealing a trapdoor. You need not kill the elite black knights here, but obtaining their armour at this stage makes it easier to move around and not being attacked.




40) Jump across the bridge and follow the path on the right until the end. Click on the wall to climb up it. keep going along the path to where there are three solid black doors. Enter and search the desks to find some food, a potion, and a teleorb. Move on and "spy on Dark Squall." Go back and open the southern wardrobe for a set of Dagon'hai robes and then go north to obtain a cell key off the key rack. next to it, raid the wardrobe for an extra set of black elite armour. Exit out the room and head east to the jail.




41) enter the cell with silif and use the lobster and restore potion on Silif. Then talk to him about what happened. Use the extra set of black elite armour on him. Then head back to the room with Dark Squall with Silif following. Talk to Silif. He will ask you to take him near the map to the south of the room. Once there he will tell you to plant the teleorb on Dark Squall along with giving you your own to escape with. Plant the larger orb on Dark Squall who will turn into Surok Magis.




42) teleport back to the White Knight castle and talk with Thaerisk. You learn you must now masquerade as Surok, so don the set of robes and walk into the cell and agree that you are ready.




43) You are teleported back into the previous base. Head east and up the ladder. Have a law rune and death rune and right click activate on the teleorb. You will be teleported to a snowy area. Talk with a black elite to learn Lucien is 'recruiting' and you should go to the chapel to "observe."




44) Go up the right path until you find you have a "climb" potion. Jump to the ledge and go right. A cutscene will occur where Lucien effortlessly wipes out 6 of the 8 warriors. Teleport back to white Knight Castle.




45) Talk and find out that movario has moved locations to the lumbridge caves. You must go to where where Juna is.




46) Enter Lumbridge caves and head until you reach the cave where Juna is located. Talk with movario. You learn you need to use a bullseye latern that has a sapphire in it to lure the light creatures to you and select into the chasm. A cut scene will occur.




47) Search two skeletons and use the spade on the two rocks that have search options then use the chisel on the two to obtain a fire and earth orb. Go south and use the chisel on the two brazier. Go further south and observe the recessions next to the skull nose.You will have to climb up the sides of the middle skull to reach the fourth. You will obtain 4 elemental keys.




48) enter each nose cavity and shuffle to the end and use the keys in the lock looking at the small symbols around the lock. The last will go at the recessed block at the top skull. Search the stone cube nearby and the mouth of the skull will open. Go in.




49) In this room you must fill the bowls of each of the 8 statues with the correct potion. Examine the statue to be given a clue for what potion. You can obtain ingredients by using the pouch on the druids and can be refilled by casting bloom on the dead vines. Examine the bowls after being filled to obtain a dolmen. Use the dolmen on the stone table and continue until all 8 domlens are placed.




50) A cutscene will occur. Bank here. (Elaborate on battle---blah). Monster can hit 30, all three types of combat.




51) Touch the stone. Pray range first.




52) touch again, Movario and Darve show up. Chat until Lucien shows up. Summons two monsters after chatting. Easy to take care off since stats are boosted to 255.




53) Talk to idria. she'll tele you back with her to the castle. talk again. Quest complete




[Rewards here]

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Thanks Morionic and roeckie1 for posting quest info here in the guide forum - you rock!!




Your names appear on the website guide http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2quest_id=199 !


it's a lot easier to get over yourself when you look at intelligence the same way you look at beauty, or height, or eye color: being smart is easy, but being good is hard ... being smart is handed to you, being good is handed to *nobody*.

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