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While Guthix Sleeps Rewards [spoilers]


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It wouldn't make sense to have the Dragons Plate as the ONLY piece of dragon armor (or non barrows armor for that matter) that requires repair. There are 3 pieces of dragon armor (lump, shard and slice)




It makes sense that you get a piece of the armor upon completion of the quest and that you can either get the other 2 as drops or buy from some type of store for whatever price (GE price is 9.7m I think) and then you have to smith them together.




This makes the most sense as Jagex has done it in the past with the Dragon Squareshield.

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I'm pretty sure that this is how you use it:




Ruined dragon armour lump (quest reward)


Ruined dragon armour shard (monster drop)


Ruined dragon armour slice (monster drop)




Use level 99 smithing on the special dragon forge to put these 3 pieces together to give you a dragon platebody.




Not 100% sure as I am not even close to starting the quest or getting 99 smithing.

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