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60-70 range


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12/13 should be your max hit at ~level 60




Not sure about exp/hr - most people use yaks/experiments/rock crabs since they have high hp and low defense for trains, people prefer knvies/darts there since they are very fast and have a higher chance of hitting on a low defense monster.




Also use ava's device aftet the animal magnestism quest - it helps alot


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Kill ogres in Blood Rune Tower near Ardougne.The seeds they drop cover the costs of bronze knives/food(when they hit you).There are a lot of safespots, if you have low leveled arrows you might wanna use them here.Knives hit fast and good for the bonus.I'd say that you can get 30-35k xp/hr at ogres, use the accumulator from the quest because of the +2 range bonus and it'll retrieve some of your projectiles.

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