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What Drops Cornucopia?


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Wth? *shoots jagex*








What worlds are you guys on #-o




7 (f2p tif hworld) ::'




That's typical of Jagex.. Maybe time already changed? :? The last time I saw a turkey was about 4 hours ago.. I've been training since then.




I'd guess that chickens would drop them, if you wanted to try. It shouldn't take more than 15-20 kills at most if they do actually drop them.


Thanks to Uno for the awsome sig <3

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To sweeten the deal, weve added a new object to the game: the cornucopia. Being a horn of plenty, the cornucopia is useful for storing food and taking up fewer inventory spaces. You can store up to 14 Hitpoints worth of food inside, and one click will replenish your health by the amount youve stored. While the turkeys are visiting RuneScape, theyll be readily available, but after the holiday youll have to look a bit harder for them when you kill certain birds.




From http://www.runescape.com (click the thanksgiving event hyperlink)




I'm thinking.. chompy birds? They definately said you're going "look a bit harder" to find them. So I think the drop rate might be rarer, and the level of birds that drop them will also be higher.


But you should be able to get them after the event.


oh, sigs can update by themselves now? ^.^

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