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RFD Final Fight


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I've read the quest guide but I still had a few questions:




How hard is it? Are my levels high enough to kill all the boss monsters? (Stats in sig)




What should I use for food? Or should I use Brews and Restores?

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with balanced skills like yours it should be hard. be best to check a guide for info on the monsters though. some are quite a pest.




Should be hard? I just looked at the guide myself, and his levels seem pretty capable of doing the final fight. Like said above, just bring along a couple brews and restores, and some sharks as well. Good luck.

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You should be able to finish them off, however you will probably have to do them one at a time. I'd recommend using a ddp++ and hitting them with the double attacks. Once you've defeated one, run out and heal and restock. Wait until your special attack is back at full until you take on the next one.

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