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graahk crafting without the graahk.


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i created this method mainly due to my desire not to be around tons of people in banks when banking and runecrafting. fwiw it got on my nerves to be around all the spam, so as a result i tried finding ways to avoid that. i came up with a method that is functional and at the same time fairly pleasant. i personally use the skills necklace and cooking guild, since i can wear varrock 3 armour and bank there; but there are many options for banking. you could use the fishing guild or mining guild with skills necklace, or glory to edge or draynor, or use home tabs but you lose 1 space for that, same with moving over distance spheres. with the combat bracelet you can teleport to warrior's guild bank. if you dont have, i suggest you get at least 30 combat bracelets and 30 skills necklaces. they are kick [wagon] and you will get a lot of use out of them. you can recharge them by using them on the totem pole in the legend's guild.








75 crafting for slayer ring (if you dont have 75 crafting i suggest get lunar magics and make glass)




Update: apparantly you can make these with assist by requesting assistance and getting assistance from someone with 75 crafting. though you must purchase the knowledge with slayer points 1st.




completed smoking kills quest and gained ability to craft slayer rings. to even start the smoking kills quest you need to be 85 combat so, that's a pretty severe req.


got to the point in fairy tale part II quest to use fairy ring network (which is not as difficult as you might think)


at least 44 runecrafting


be a member


not required but helpful is completion of as a first resort quest












nature tiara or omni tiara either is fine


dramen staff or lunar staff


slayer ring (preferrably at least 100)


pure essence of course


a jewlery teleport either combat bracelet, skills necklace, or glory amulet; they must have charges. i recommend using all; but not at once; if you have a lot of 1, try using that first.


rune pouches (optional) but i recommend if you have them, use them.








have all the equipment set up. load your pouches with ess, if you're using pouches, fill your inventory with ess. click on the slayer ring. teleport to relekka slayer cave. walk a little bit to the west, click the fairy ring, go to zanaris; click the fairy ring there, select ckr. run to nature altar. make your runes. teleport to bank using any of the following, glory amulet, skills necklace, combat bracelet, karamja gloves 3, home teleport tab, moving over distance sphere dorgeshun city, etc. you get the idea. bank. and repeat.






with a graahk you cannot get infinite run all the time, your energy will run out about halfway into the graahk's time. with my method, you can easily dial to aks and get the infinite run continually from ooglog.




with dramen staff and slayer ring(8) you will seldom "forget" your teleport. if your ring runs out, you still have the jewelry teleport; if your jewlery runs out, you have the ring near the fairy ring. and lastly if both run out, you have home teleport. if you run out of all of those then maybe wear karamja gloves 3 so you can bank at shilo; otherwise walk :) but that shouldnt be a problem often.




variation (if you dont meet all the reqs or just for variety)




use the fairy ring to get back and forth (if you cant make slayer rings). to speed that up, use a glory amulet to bank at edge then run to fairy code ring east of edgeville.




want a use for all that molten glass? make dorgeshun moving over distance spheres. these will teleport you to dorgeshun city where you can bank, and they're stackable. it's random, but usually not far from the bank. no need for charges on jewlery if you use this 1.




you can also use home tablets where your glory is on a wall or use the portals in your house to go near a bank.




or just run back to the ring or teleport to relekka slayer cave and bank at zanaris if you like or if your poh is in pollinveach use the ring to go to you house and use your portals or mounted glory amulet or use a games necklace to bank at bounty hunter. alternatively you could work with another player with a slayer ring and have them unnote at the general store or at a bank and meet you at the fairy ring.




glory amulets and skills necklaces or combat bracelets work best of course for the teleport to the bank.








do this from lvl 44 to 54 then do the balloon network for fast law making. or you could make double cosmics when you can or astral your choice. of course just my opinion but ourania altar is the best of them all if you ask me for leveling. if you dont mind banking at edge, using the abyss is also very fast; i suggest you try all methods and see what you like best.




a few comments




this can also be used to level summoning without the spirit kyatt. just use the slayer ring to get near the fairy ring and dial in akq then glory or skills to bank.




also use the slayer ring to teleport to sumona for when you're buying your slayer gems.




the slayer ring speeds up any task involving the fairy code rings. no more forced banking at edge to be near a fairy ring.

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About getting 75 crafting for slayer rings:


1. You can get assistance from another player to make these rings, I believe.


2. Making glass is one of the least effective ways of leveling Crafting! Green Dragonhides are pretty much the way to go.




Other than that, you might want to make the guide a little easier to read. Taking out spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and capitalization problems should help in this department.




This guide is excellent for people who don't have the required Summoning level. Good thinking! :D

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i'm pretty sure you cant use assist for the slayer rings. but if someone knows for sure; til then, the 75 crafting req stands, though there is an alternate option for those without 75 crafting included.

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i dont know how many per hour but, should be near or equal to graahk once you get the clicks down; plus you can use ooglog pool so you never run out of energy. i dont runecraft much, but with the graahk you are somewhat committed to runecrafting, for the time the graahk is summoned, which can be motivating for some people; otherwise this method is more convenient to be able to do other things then come back to runecrafting.




most people will train non-stop, as that is most common for runecrafters; so, test it out. depending on where you bank; i recommend edge or draynor or warrior's guild, mining guild or fishing guild; alternatively you could have another player unnote essence at the store for you or at a bank and they could use a slayer ring too and meet you at the ckr ring.




but, cutting the time to run from edge bank to the fairy ring east of edge is pretty significant once you get the clicks down and it's a lot more quiet, which is why i use it. and with this method you could bank anywhere you can teleport. games necklace would even work, meaning you could bank at bounty hunter.

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Its not as much as Graahk. Use it if you don't have the lvls for it, but otherwise don't.




You can assist slayer rings, but YOU must have unlocked them.


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

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