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  1. Can anyone briefly explain this whole crafting thing? I used to play when tf2 was just released, but have no idea what to do in regards to hats and crafting.
  2. A little background info: There are actually 3 schools where I go to. Each containing about 2000 students per high school and within walking distance of each other. Now onto what happened on June 8th (seniors last day): 1. Some students were able to get into one of the schools libraries during the night, dismantled all of the computers, and stacked up all the chairs in front of the doors so that the staff couldn't get through the front doors. 2. At one of the high school's during lunch, the lights were turned off and a bunch of mice were released. After that, the fire alarm was pulled twice. 3. At one of the other high school's there was a food fight and the fire alarm was pulled twice. 4. A student was tasered after hitting a cop in the face and running off campus into the neighborhoods. There are quite a few videos on youtube of this as well. (precaution: the video contain profanity) [Youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHbH4PfGLNM[/Youtube] Skip to around 1:00 and watch until 1:10. Best part of the day :lol:
  3. Vuvuzela


    Same here back in September. Just make sure that you look at the houses carefully because the house my parents decided to pick looked nice with all the furniture, but ended up looking like [cabbage] without.
  4. Pavel Datsyuk with 3 points and playing injured <3: Hopefully the wings get it done at the Joe and force game 7! Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny4a-oxOndo :thumbup:
  5. Less than par performance from Detroit tonight, but it was to be expected coming off a week + break. I still think that the Wings will win it in 5 or 6 if they play like they did during the Phoenix series. Does anyone know how that was a double minor during overtime? I didn't see any bleeding after the Shark was high sticked.
  6. This is in the wrong thread, but TIF's moderators only moderate rules they feel like moderating. That's not the wrong thread.. This is post all screenshots, VIDEOS, and sounds here... Please read the rules of this thread located on the first post. Even though it only says Pk "Pictures" I think we can be more mature than to be smart asses and acknowledge that it applies to ill unspam with a pic soon * Pking related pictures should be posted here; http://forum.tip.it/forum/18-graveyard/ You might want to re-read the rules of this thread located on the first post again. There's nothing that says you cannot post pk/stake videos, only pictures. Edit: Just saw your ninja edit. He hasn't had a problem posting videos in this thread before, so why should he have one now?
  7. Vista post SP1 is very stable. Hell, my Vista SP2 computer is more stable than both my Windows 7 computer. Windows 7 SP1 seems even more stable though. I'm tired of people like you saying Vista is bad. Yeah... an upgrade to windows 7 is definitely not going to happen. I haven't encountered any problems with Vista so far and am perfectly content with it. As for the video card, would I be fine getting the 5450 without the fan, or would it be of better interest to get the fan and upgrade my psu depending on how much power it uses?
  8. Cpu launched six years ago, when the actual computer was launched... Dunno. --- A quick search shows that it should have pci-e... Easiest is obviously just to open and make sure. A new graphics card to run RSHD smoother would only use like 40w, but please list the psu anyways thanks. I'd probably get two new 1gb memory sticks as well. Those two things would cost, i don't know... 70-100$? Something like that. Can't find the specific model of the psu, but from what i've read, it's only 300w.
  9. Hey all, So near the end of the summer my brother gave me his computer, which was a good upgrade from my computer. This is the computer I was given: http://www.emachines.com/products/products.html?prod=T5224 My question is, would it be worth it to upgrade this computer? And what are some suggestions to upgrading it? The most I would want to do with it would be able to play Runescape on max HD settings.
  10. Congrats! This 50m agil exp thread is so much better than that one guy who got 150m because: 1) You're legit 2) You aren't being a douche because you have more agility exp than most of us. Keep up the good work :thumbup:
  11. Stopped reading after "World of Warcraft for Cheapskates"
  12. So I heard you guys are pretty fast at floors. Going for ccbow and cmaul atm and it would be helpful to dung with some people who actually know what they're doing :thumbup:
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