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Get to 1000

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I've been in forum games for a while and I'm pretty sure that when I say the "count to 500 before a mod posts" game is more or less impossible, I'm sure that most of you agree with me. (Epic run on ftw)


Anyway, I've come up with a solution to this problem. It's a new game that seems a little bit more fair in my opinion. This game is not meant to replace the "count to 500" game, it's just an alternative. With that being said, let's get to the rules.




We will start at 0.


Mods can subtract 10 from the number.


Everybody else can add 1.


If the number gets to -1000, the mods win.


If it gets to 1000, everybody else wins.


Once a game ends, it goes back to 0.


No double-posting.


A mod can't post after another mod


A mod/admin can post after another mod/admin, however it WILL NOT change the score.


Got it? Good. Let's do this!




EDIT: Apparently I was not clear with my rules. Because of this, the mods won the first round. From now on, instead of just mods, anybody who is part of the tip.it crew (anybody whose name doesn't appear white) will be considered a "mod"




Everybody else will be considered a "user"






Mods - 1


Users - 0








EDIT: Only mods (green names) and admins (red names) can subtract, everybody else adds.





The 1000th post goes to: abc1230


The 1337th post goes to: bini


The 2000th post goes to: Goonstalf


The 3000th post goes to: Death7755


The 4000th post goes to: Death7755


The 5000th post goes to: Death7755


The 6000th post goes to: Napalm_Death


The 7000th post goes to: 321Ownage

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There is a flaw! Subtract 20 is far too much especially with us counting up in ones. Maybe 5 or 10 instead?








Agent beat me to it



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20 will work, don't worry


Mods don't post here as much as everybody else =P


(They're going to spam this topic now -.-)

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Welcome to TIF, IWILLPWN.


Congratz on making your first post on Forum Games!





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uh.... 24?


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