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What is a good level to do Monkey Madness?


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It is just sufficient i think.. cos i did it around your level too.. But i had a huge slice of luck at the end with the Demon, and lots of pots! lol

If I am looking further, that's because I am standing on the shoulders of Giant..!

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Until you feel like your up to it.When i completed Dragon Slayer for the first time I only had the nerve to go to that ship that will seal my fate because I was up to it and thought i could do it.Which i succeeded at.This is on Lan735.By the way,get more rations(supplies)than you think you need.Meaning if you think you need 10 get 20.If you think you need a full inventory,get a higher level of that food/pot.

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I want to do the quest this weekend lol. Ive got 43 prayer and 70 Combat, just like the topic starter. Could you guys help me as well?




40 Range


38 Mage


60 Attack


56 Strength


57 Defence




Helm of Nezinot


Granite platebody


Rune legs (soon to be d skirt)


Rune kite (soon to be obby shield)


D long


Rune boots/gauntlets


Amulet of glory






Any tips? BTW goodluck Monopoly^^

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