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Falador diary medium tasks


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One of the Falador achievement diary medium tasks is to "Use a scarecrow to protect your sweetcorn north of Port Sarim".


Well, I placed the scarecrow, planted sweetcorn on the allotment patches (with compost), watered them everytime they grew, did everything. I harvested the corn and took the scarecrow, but it never said that I completed the task! What am I supposed to do then? Help!


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Well the guide says to plant some sweetcorn and then use the scarecrow on the flower patch. So maybe you have to plant the corn before you place the scarecrow?

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I planted the sweetcorn first and it worked.


Maybe the sweetcorn have to become diseased, but then protected by the scarecrow.


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Have you done the quests that are a part of the diary. I had a similar issue with killing the black knight and had to finish a quest before it was crossed off my diary.




Plant the sweetcorn and the scarecrow at the same time, and then pay the gardener there to look after it.

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