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How do I use my charms?


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I have 1474 Gold, 718 Green, 564 Crimson and 113 Blue charms.


My summoning level is 37 and I am planning to sell my Combat gear and Runecraft between my farming patches and I'll probably need a . Ghraak.




What should I make for the long term... If that makes sense.

563rd to 99 mining on 15/08/07

99 Farming

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I'd say do Tears of Guthix and Penguins weekly for bonus xp. They add up really quickly and you don't have to camp for charms as much. I personally did that until I can make Bloated leeches, since their 2nds are easy to buy from a store, and are good xp.




Misc: Abyssal Whip x28 , Dark Bow x5, Beserker Ring x3, Warrior ring x1

Dragon: Dragon Platelegs x2 , Dragon Plateskirt x2, Dragon Boots x38, Dragon Med Helm x4, Shield left half x3

Godwars: Godsword shard x13, Bandos Hilt x3, Bandos Chestplate x6, Bandos Tassets x4, Bandos Boots x5, Saradomin Sword x1, Zamorakian Spear x1,. Armadyl Helm x2, Armadyl chestplate x2.

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Well I am summoning for the long term - Like eventually I'll go back and train summoning to a far higher level so well I've heard things like Blue charms are best kept until the very higher levels.




I have no idea if it means to be more efficient in the long term only using Gold charms until 57 I'd do it go out and get some more golds.


Penguins I don't know, Probably not I have no idea what to do and I want to get 57 Summoning today...ish.

563rd to 99 mining on 15/08/07

99 Farming

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