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A Realistic Addition/Update to Make-X Functions


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Please post if you support this.






Also please post if you feel that i am leaving anything out or if you have anything to add. This is a fairly rough outline; if you need anything clarified, please feel free to ask. (If someone would like to illustrate this however they see it, i would be greatly appreciated ^^.)














For those of you that do not know, "Make-X" functions are those little things that tend to make our lives easier. They allow us to click on two Items and somehow use them together so that we do not need to click back and forth, between them, constantly.




However, "Make-X" functions can get a little bit tedious and annoying at times. When you only have two Fish in your inventory, you have to click "Make-X" to cook all two of your Fish. Helpful? I think not.




So, i propose that there should be something to remedy this in game. In the "Options" Tab (the one with the wrench,) there is a mini-Tab called "House Options." I suggest that another mini-Tab be created labeled "Make-X Options" (or the like.) Inside this, as with the "House Options" mini-Tab, there will be a column, of "On"/"Off," clickable boxes. Then, to the left, there will be the names of the Skills that have "Make-X" Options. By clicking on the "On/Off" boxes, one will be able to enable or disable "Make-X" functions for the Skills which allow them (Prayer, Herblore, Crafting, Fletching, Smithing, and Cooking. (Am i forgetting any?!)




Thus, you can have "Make-X" options "On" for Cooking and Prayer, but for Herblore, Crafting, Fletching, and Smithing, you'd have to click, repeatedly, on what you want to make each time, as it was before the "Make-X Functions" were introduced for these Skills.

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Great idea! But let's make it even better: you could also choose how many of the same item you must have in your inventory before Make-X appears, if it is on. For example, when I cooked 5 lobsters, I wouldn't need Make-X, but with 20+, I would.

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