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Ski's Best of Bank

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oh yeah












































On another note...










# 4 =]


Solo Drops: 1 Arma Hilt, 2 ACP, 2 AS, 2 Bandos Hilts, 2 BCP, 3 Tassy, 9 D claws, 5 zerker rings, 6 D axes, 1 ZS, 2 Visages.

LS Drops: 3 Claws, 1 Arcane, 1 Sara Sword, lots of other random stuff.

Slay Drops: 10+ SOL, 30+ whips, 100+ D boots, 10+ d bows, etc

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10\10. At first Iwas like "goddamn spam #-o "







I have all the 99s, and have been playing since 2001. Comped 4/30/15 

My Araxxi Kills: 459::Araxxi Drops(KC):

Araxxi Hilts: 4x Eye (14/126/149/459), Web - (100) Fang (193)

Araxxi Legs Completed: 5 ---Top (69/206/234/292/361), Middle (163/176/278/343/395), Bottom (135/256/350/359/397)
Boss Pets: Supreme - 848 KC

If you play Xbox One - Add me! GT: Urtehnoes - Currently on a Destiny binge 


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Stupid rich nub 1/10 :roll:












j/k 10/10 finally lol =D>




Barrows Drops: 1 Dh Plate, 2 Verac Brassard, 1 Verac Helm, 1 dh platelegs, 2 V skirts,1 Guth Helm, 1 Guth Skirt, 1 t platebody, 1 Ah Top, 2 V Flail, 1 K Skirt 2 T helm, 1 k top. Dk Drops: 9 D axe 2 Mud Staff, 1 seers ring, 1 archers ring, 1 berserker ring Dragon Drops: 2 Dragon Med Helm, 2 Dragon Platelegs, 75 Dragon boots.Gwd drops: 10 z spear, 1 bcp, 1 tassets, 8 sara sword, 1 sara hilt Misc: 3 Abyssal whips, 2 ranging ammy

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5 posts after 401 views for a 99 Prayer?? :? Think you scared everyone off with the 7gp thing. :roll:




Anyways GRATZ!!! ::'


Thanks to Quarra for the awesome sig!

Xbox360 Gamertag = Tintin113

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Awsome BoB!!

RIP Michaelangelopolous

u can control my tip it account, but youll never control how fine i am!

This is by FAR my favorite song:


I love N_odie and would never edit his posts! I love Rainy_Day too <3 And also Cowman_133. <33 Oh, and Laikrob is a going to hunt me down and kill me like a pest kangaroo if I reveal how awesome she is. I owe tripsis skittles. DarkDude feels like he's missing out. This is my siggy! - n_odie Rainy_Day MINE! - n_odie Rainy_Day And meol shouldn't feel left out. Oh, and Y_Guy is a noob awesome


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