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Hi there, i was thinking of maybe training my mage for veng, but i need to know the best training method (profit/break even) and how much would it cost?




I currently have 71 mage




I currently have 11m to spend.




Thanks in advance.


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The :lol: was supposed to show that I was kidding that dhallies would be a good way to train.




If you can buy nats for 2 under market, buying and alching air battlestalves breaks even.




If you buy pure ess at max to craft natures, or 2x nat run, then alch, 34 items become profitable or break-even, including magic longbows, which are extremely easy to buy.


Thanks to Uno for the awsome sig <3

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If you are looking for a fun way of getting 90 Mage then look in my Sig for my Aviansie Guide!



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from 70-86 i superheated ores at about 2gp/xp,




86-87 i alched, 87-94 i used lvl 6 enchant in mta, very, very boring, average of 70k xp/hr, buying cosmics its ~2gp/xp, making your own double cosmics is less than 1gp/xp.




so that is possible, not very fast, but not very expensive.


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