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Gargoyles- stab v. crush


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After hearing a long while ago that gargoyles were weak to crush, I switched to using a z spear instead of a whip and noticed that it did much better.




A few days ago, I was using crush on a gargoyle task when I noticed a long string of 0's. Being bored, I decided to switch to stab. As far as I can tell, stabbing them works even better than crush.




Any confirmation?

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They're weak to crush. If you have high enough stats you can use anything to kill them effectivley. Whip+rune def will work on them as well. But they are weak to crush.

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Abyssal whip+Rune defender - Weakness to every monster. :thumbup:




Except dragons.




OT: Gargs are still easy to kill with a whip. I don't think the lower hits of the Z spear makes up for the whips str.

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DKS: Archer x21 Warrior x31 Berserker x30 Axe x51[/hide]

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Abyssal whip+Rune defender - Weakness to every monster. :thumbup:


Except the dreaded waterfiends :thumbup:


Think it works good with piety, you hit 0s but the 40+ will make up for it. But personally i find piety a waste at common monsters.

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