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Worn off.... Suggestion

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I have a simple suggestion..


Ever in wildy or on a PVP world? And get Teleblocked or Bound? Well i'm sure some of you have.


I have many times.


So heres my suggestion.




Well once you have been hit it should say "Teleblock has been cast upon you" and when its gone "The effects of Teleblock have worn off"


Of course for whatever spell/effect is ailing us.




This way we know when its gone and that we can tele or when we can run again.




Simple quick suggestion.

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Teleblock, definitely. I don't think it really matters for being frozen though. In fact, rather than a message given to the target, I think that the target should be covered by some visual effect.


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Support =P Do you mean like an anti fire pot?


OOhhh.. that'd be useful.




Maybe in the lower-right of your screen, like the hotzone indicator?


Sig by me, in MS paint, but I'm still working on it.

Suggestions appreciated


This guide is as concise as a gourmet's handbook with the guidelines of "Pick up fork, stab food, insert into your mouth, then chew".

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