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abby specture task


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ok so i have 170 spectures i need to kill.




I was thinking slayer tower?




i dont realy know what to wear.. all i have i know im bringing is my ss and my dragon boots




anyone suggest my setup?




oh and i dont realy want to use prayer if at all possible

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Wear the best Magic defense you can, especially torso and legs. I reccomend Black D'hide or Karil's. Anything beyond that doesn't really matter.




If you have a Slayer Helm, I would reccomend cannoning them in the Slayer Dungeon underneath Pollnivneach.





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Initiate, prossy, and monk robes give the same prayer bonus. So you don't have to go out of your way for initiate. Just wear a prayer boosting top and bottom and just focus on offense after that, use your slayer mask/nosepeg with a salve amulet.




You will always get more profit then what you used in prayer potions, especially if your banking doing banking trips with the expensive herbs (use a macaw if you can).

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Also, falador shield from the Achievment Diaries to have some extra prayer points, and holy wrench to make the trips longer (I frogot mine last time and couldn't finish 179 abby spectres in 1 trip :oops: )



99 Strength since 6/02/10 99 Attack since 9/19/10 99 Constitution since 10/03/10 99 Defense since 3/14/11

99 Slayer since 8/30/11 99 Summoning since 9/10/11 99 Ranged since 09/18/11 99 Magic since 11/12/11

99 Prayer since 11/15/11 99 Herblore since 3/29/12 99 Firemaking since 5/15/12 99 Smithing since 10/04/12

99 Crafting since 9/16/13 99 Agility since 9/23/13 99 Dungeoneering since 1/1/14 99 Fishing since 2/4/14

99 Mining since 2/28/14 99 Farming since 6/04/14 99 Cooking since 6/11/14 99 Runecrafting since 10/10/14

9 Fletching since 11/11/14 99 Thieving since 11/14/14 99 Woodcutting since 11/20/14 99 Construction since 12/03/14

99 Divination since 2/22/15 99 Hunter since 2/23/15 99 Invention since 01/20/17 99 Archaeology since 5/14/22
Quest Point Cape since 08/20/09
Maxed since 2/23/15 Fire Cape since 02/27/13
Slayer: 3 Leaf-Bladed Swords, 8 Black Masks, 2 Hexcrests, 26 Granite Mauls, 5 Focus Sights, 32 Abyssal Whips, 9 Dark Bows, 1 Whip Vine, 3 Staffs of Light, 15 Polypore Sticks

Dragon: 9 Draconic Visages, 7 Shield Left Halves, 20 Dragon Boots, 40 Dragon Med Helms, 8 Dragon Platelegs, 6 Dragon Spears, 20 Dragon Daggers, 5 Dragon Plateskirts, 1 Dragon Chainbody, 63 Off-hand Dragon Throwing Axes, 19 Dragon Longswords, 27 Dragon Maces, 1 Dragon Ward
Treasure Trails: Saradomin Full Helm, Ranger Boots, Rune Body (t), Saradomin Vambraces, Various God Pages
Misc:1 Onyx,1 Ahrim's Hood, 1 Guthan's Chainskirt, 1 Demon Slayer Boots

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Bring a super restore for the banshees if you're going slayer dungeon.




Edit: I see that you said since you can't go to prossy, as long as you have done the quest you can. You will sit at 1hp the whole time as long as you keep your prayer up you're fine.




Here's a SS I have from a long time ago http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk26 ... ttom-1.jpg


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