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Mori vs. SoW


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    [*:1f2gz3ms] Full out CWA
    [*:1f2gz3ms] Melee + Binds ONLY!
    [*:1f2gz3ms] No corrupt
    [*:1f2gz3ms] Explorer rings Allowed
    [*:1f2gz3ms] Classical Arena, middle bounds
    [*:1f2gz3ms] RSC Allowed

Mori starting: 22 people


SoW starting: 21 people








So we got off to a good start with a handy KO. After that, the fight was pretty even and went back and forth quite a bit but at about the mid point, Mori got a few quick kills and started to pull away. We eventually won with 7 people.




Mori ending: 7 people




SoW ending: 0








So thanks for the fight SoW and maybe we could do it again sometime. :-)




P.S. I'm aware that we had one person in a corrupt plateskirt so sorry about that. However, he did take it off once he'd realised the mistake. Hope this wasn't a major issue.



[Moriquendi Legend]

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1fast kill 2dc's skillthanas:$


We were kinda unlucky there:P




It was a nice war tho.


I got totally outsniped:c, but managed to get 2more kills in the end:P




I'm looking forward to a rematch, this time without the first pile walking in hybrids and 2dc's=P

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