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Familiars for armadyl godwars?


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My summoning is 71. Currently I use a war tortise with brews and super restores, once I use up the brews and super restores in my inventory I take its inventory, dismiss it, and summon a fruit bat. The problem I have is that the fruit bat slows down my brew consumption and this means that I have to waste super restores just to restore prayer. Would it be a better idea to use brews and super restores in my inventory, but have my tortise full of a mixture of sharks and prayer potions to be used with with my fruit bat? While it would mean less healing in total, the healing process would be smoother, and it would let me pot my range for a bit.




Also, I'm really sick of finding teams on the RSOF. It's a waste of time having to create/join a different team every time, you usually end up with people with unfortunate stats or level of preperation, and risking your items with random strangers isn't the greatest idea. I've joined the only decent sized "GodWars" clan I could find on the RSOF but they're not even doing GodWars at the moment and haven't had a GodWars event in like 5 days... the leader is terrible. If anyone goes to Armadyl GodWars regularily, knows someone who does, or knows/is in a GOOD GodWars clan I'd be greatful if you let me know.


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For the second question, the SODB (slayers of dangeous beast) seems like it would be a good choice --> http://www.sodbsite.co.cc/ . I'm not a member of the clan myself, but I've heard some good things about it.


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