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Not from my knowledge, you may have just been lucky to start with. That or (which i haven't heard) they have done a silent update nerfing the new drops, which is to expected to be honest.

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From what i've seen over the last few days, there has been a drop in the number of pvp items dropped.


Although, it's still more than easy enough to make good money.

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EP realy doesn't matter I've had a DFS at 14% and a zaros statue at 35%. Althought at 100% your first kill will tend to be just and get better and peak around 35% before they start to go down. For me atleast it seems like the drops are the same I get ~3m/trick and if I win the dds dm's with targets I make 2-3m/hr.




Just a side note though....don't do nettles if you get offered it is bug abuse and may be bannable.

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I belive nettles is doing trick with 0 ep and getting loot items, but not sure. That would be pretty pointless though, as you'd go without drops alot.


To your original question, I've done 26ks about an hour ago and got the following results:




kill 1: rune chain, 26k, 15% ep loss


kill 2: Bandos statuette, saradomin amphora, 23% loss


kill 3: Just 26k, 12% loss


kill 4: Dragon scimitar, obsidian cape, 20% loss


kill 5: corrupt statius warhammer and berserker helm, 25% loss


That's as far as I went.




The data seems fairly random.



94 magic

94 ranged

55 slayer

Addy gloves-done

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i used to hear ppl say that between 1-3% there were better drops, not sure if its true though.


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I always get my best drops at 74% and not 100% for some reason, but I made 3.7m today doing it. 2 seren statuettes and one saradomin and zamorak statuettes with various other loots and lesser artifacts.


March 23, 2008- 99 Thieving. January 2, 2009- 99 Defence. Quest cape since October 2007.

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70's give the best loot. I just got a Zaros drop on 73, the rest made up a total of 1mil.



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