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Runescape Full Screen


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My computer has dual monitors and I'm trying to get RS playing full screen on one monitor and another browser or whatever on the other.




The problem I've been having is that when RS is full screened on one monitor, whenever I move my mouse over to the other monitor it exits the full screen mode and usually lags forcing me to re open both of my browsers.




I've tried using AlwaysOnTopMaker, but it doesn't fix my problem.




Lately I've been using HD and moving my windows tool bar to the opposite non-RS side and setting my RS side browser to full screen (F11), but using this method I can not adjust the resolution of my screen causing it to lag alot and have poor quality.




So my question is if there is a way to have RS playing fullscreened on one monitor while still being able to use the other monitor.




Thanks for any help.

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In stead of trying to make it full screen, try to have it just fill up the browser you have it in.




That is what i did as i used SK and wanted to full screen feel but still wanted to be able to use all those calcs and that SK had. But i only have 1 screen so idk how well this might help you out.

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I believe that you just need to stretch the browser as large as you can and deal with that. I suggest a minimalist browser, like Swiftkit, Chrome, or the Jagex Runescape Client (in that order from best to worst).


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I know that when you play full screen on other games you can't move your mouse to the other monitor so I always played in window mode. My best advice is to play runescape with your browser in full screen mode, not sure how IE looks with it but in firefox my screen is very close to the same as in-game full screen when I simply full screen my browser.


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It should be going on what ever monitor is the primary monitor. Also having full screen open and then going to click on another window will close you out of yhe full screen. I would just use high detail mode inside the browser.

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