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The Wikipedia Game


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Please note that this is not a plug or anything for Wikipedia.




The point of this game is to get to the desired page as quickly as possible by following the links IN the page. The starting page is found by using the Random Article Feature on the left hand side of the page. This is a combination of luck and knowledge. Anyone is allowed to make up a new desired page, but don't flood them.




For instance: if the desired page is Michael Jackson then I use the random article feature and get:


Methylecgonine cinnamate - Cocaine - Disco - Pop Rock - Michael Jackson.




This is supposed to be for amusement, so don't go overboard. The first Desired Page is





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Lol, that was hard. I hope I did that right.




Partido Demokratiko Sosyalista ng Pilipinas -> Philippines -> Philippines drama -> Soap operas -> Drama -> Thespis -> Acting -> Actor -> Thespians




New desired page: Ocean Prediction Center

I'm going to milk Goon's teats

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As others have posted out, there's already a topic on this game. Locked.




-Necromagus, Tip.It Mod.

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