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  1. So I've finally beaten the game, using the alternative layout Kestrel cruiser. My loadout was: Maxed out shields, engines, O2, medbay and doors (naturally) Weapons pre-igniter, shield charge booster, engi med-bot dispersal (this was huge) Maxed out cloak (used to avoid drone surges and the 'super-weapon' of the final boss) Phase one and three: Burst Laser Mk. III, Glaive Beam Phase two: Burst Laser Mk. III, Small Bomb, Ion Blast Mk. II The fact that I went with 'unconventional' weapons for phase two saved my rear end. I also had a drone control with two Defense Drone Mk. II, but I never used them. I think the deciding factor was that I tried out new weapons and that I had gotten a lot better at micro-managing my crew. The fact that my repair team consisted of two Engis both named 'Jones' probably helped too. I was amazed how much the med-bot augment helped me out with emergency repairs during low damage moments in the final boss fight. I could cut power from my engines and pump my medbay and O2 up to full and go into breached rooms without worry, then have my engines back to full before the next enemy push. What really helped me out in the early game was picking up two scrap recovery arms early, and not giving up the last one until sector seven. Because the ship starts out with four weapons you'll probably end up with a maxed out weapons skill on one of your crew members by the time you hit sector two. That was a big help as well, especially since the ship is already quite potent in the early stages anyway.
  2. Still getting absolutely shredded by the drones on the second phase of the boss fight. I've had plenty of fun builds though, most of which included the weapons pre-igniter augment. I like to put a cloak on top of it so I can quickly cripple my opponent's defences at the start, then throw up my cloak while my weapons recharge, following it up with either a finishing blow or at least completely remove their offensive capabilities. It can be tricky to set up a balanced selection of weapons, but thankfully the Artemis and mk. II burst laser provide a good start.
  3. I had an incredible run with the Engi ship today, right up until I had to fight the flagship. I stacked three anti-ship drones on top of a fully upgraded shield, a stage two cloak and stage two doors. The few seconds of relief that the cloak bought me was incredibly useful, as it was usually just enough time to get my shields back up and reposition my crew as the situation dictated. I was also amazed at how good my build was at handling boarding parties, on top of the usual Engi upgrade that heals them throughout the ship. Most of the times I killed them off simply by opening the airlocks and forcing them to struggle through my blast doors. Plugging away at enemy shields with my ion cannon to clear a path for my drones worked pretty well right up until the flagship, where my inability to focus my offence ended up killing me.
  4. So, no excitement for MoP at all? I queued for my first dungeon the moment it came out, then promptly got DC'd at the loading screen. An hour later I still hadn't gotten in, so I gave up and went to sleep. Hopefully I'll have more luck after class. For the first two weeks I'll be focusing entirely on getting my paladin ready for raiding: level 90 and professions (mining/engineering), reputation and VP/JP gear. Sorting out the relevant reputation factions and getting the daily quests done will probably be the most annoying part. Still, looking forward to it.
  5. On the first lockout after patch 5.0.4 and account-wide mounts, the WoW gods saw fit to grace me with Reins of the Blazing Drake - the normal mode Deathwing mount. Unfortunately it dropped on my shaman, so I'll have to scrape together 4k gold to buy the required riding skill before I can add it to my collection.
  6. Well, obviously the trailer will look incredible. Unfortunately that doesn't fix the problems caused by the fact that the game engine is well over a decade old. Still, stoked for Mists of Pandaria. It's going to be really interesting to see how the new system of daily quests changes the end game, and of course how the legendary questline plays out. Still, so many small changes (like the VP farming buff) that I'm stoked about.
  7. Rogues are easily the most powerful PvE class now, by virtue of having their own set of legendary daggers. The quest chain to get them starts with a pair that's basically on par with normal T13 weapons (ilevel 397). After that they only get better. They're awesome in PvP too.
  8. My guild is 5/8 Heroic now. Our progress is mainly slowed due to the fact that we're a low-population RP realm, meaning that most players are content to sit around in the Blue Recluse or the Pig and Whistle all day, if they even make it to 85. There are currently only five guilds on our realm that have even killed Madness of Deathwing on heroic. The end of expansion blues is definitely setting in. My main raiding characters: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-shatar/Branin/advanced - My main, protection/retribution paladin, and off tank to the guild's raiding team. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-shatar/Brenwan/advanced - My resto/elemental shaman, mostly used in pug/alt raids. Other than raiding, my main activity in the game right now is soloing old content, mainly for the large gold drops. In the course of the week I usually solo all of T1, T2 if I can find someone to help me with Razorgore, Magtheridon, all of Serpentshrine Cavern except for Karathress and Vashj, all of The Eye except for Kael'thas, and all of Sunwell Plateau except for Kalecgos. The latter is probably the only truly challenging one. All in all it adds up to about three thousand gold a week. Not enough to gold cap any time soon, but enough to make a comfortable living and to have a nice buffer for when MoP comes out. I also recently built my own chopper off the gold I made.
  9. Oh well, the offer still stands. Anyway, did level 15-20 on my trial account this afternoon. Fortunately the tanking mechanics came back to me pretty quickly, although it's still going to be tricky without Consecration. I guess I'll work on maxing out my professions until Wednesday. ~edit: It was picked up by an RL friend.
  10. You certainly do ring a bell :P Anyway, I checked my old accounts, unfortunately you're not showing up on either of my friends lists.
  11. So, I just started a new trial account, which I'll upgrade to a full account somewhere next week. The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm willing to give the first person playing on an EU server to reply to this the chance to be my recruit-a-friend friend. While I probably won't end up playing on the same realm as you, I'll be happy to create a dummy character on your realm just to get you a free X-53 Touring Rocket. Long story short: First WoW player with an EU account that replies to this post gets a free unique flying mount.
  12. The topic is now open again. Feel free to continue the discussion, within Tip.It forum rules of course :). -Necromagus, Tip.It Mod.
  13. This topic is closed for investigation/cleanup. -Necromagus, Tip.It Mod.
  14. Please use the general Pokémon thread for this discussion. -Necromagus, Tip.It Mod.
  15. Please use the general Pokémon thread for this discussion. -Necromagus, Tip.It Mod.
  16. Towed to the appropriate subforum. Also, please don't double post. -Necromagus, Tip.It Mod.
  17. This topic is already being discussed in Metagame Discussion, feel free to continue this conversation there :) -Necromagus, Tip.It Mod.
  18. I'd assume you can use your Amulet of Catspeak (e). If so, it's not that hard to find him, five minutes, tops.
  19. [hide] Glaiven Boots |Stab|Slash|Crush|Magic|Ranged|Summoning|Strength|Ranged Strength| +----+-----+-----+-----+------+---------+--------+---------------+ Attack | 0| 0| 0| -12| +10| 0| 0| 0| Defence | +3| +4| +5| +3| 0| +12| -| -| Ragefire Boots |Stab|Slash|Crush|Magic|Ranged|Summoning|Strength|Ranged Strength| +----+-----+-----+-----+------+---------+--------+---------------+ Attack | 0| 0| 0| +6| 0| 0| 0| 0| Defence | +0| +0| +0| +6| 0| +6| -| -| Steadfast Boots |Stab|Slash|Crush|Magic|Ranged|Summoning|Strength|Ranged Strength| +----+-----+-----+-----+------+---------+--------+---------------+ Attack | +2| +2| +2| -4| -1| 0| +4| 0| Defence | +20| +21| +22| 0| 0| +19| -| -|Snipped from the Grand Exchange. Requirements are 75 defence and 75 in the relevant combat skill. Kind of a mixed bag. Glaiven boots are pretty good compared to what rangers already had available to them (pretty much nothing). Ragefire boots are just Infinity boots with an extra +1 to each of the stats Infinity boots already gave bonuses in, and Steadfast boots are Dragon boots with slightly better defences and +2 to the melee attack bonuses. My guess is that the Glaiven (ranger) boots are the ones that will be the most valuable. I'd also assume that this would eventually lead to ranger boots crashing, although the high defence requirements for the Glaiven boots would mean that Ranger boots are still a better option for pures.[/hide]
  20. I think it's time we laid down some ground rules for this topic, as some people have already come very close to breaking the rules. This topic is about the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, an event that affected millions of people the world over directly or indirectly and changed the course of modern history in a huge way. This topic is not designed to discuss the merits of anniversaries, or seeing who has the bigger tragedy. Anyone going off-topic in this topic from now on will be warned. -Necromagus, Tip.It Mod.
  21. Don't worry about selling stuff you produce, the market will be flooded in the days after the weekend. One tip I can give you is plant as many trees as possible well in advance, then checking them all in the first 30 minutes.
  22. It all depends on what transport methods are available to you. Assuming you have all items banked, here's a route that will probably work pretty well, starting at Dimentheis:[hide]1) With the fish for Caleb, runes for Falador teleport and Ardougne teleport and a pickaxe in your inventory, cast Camelot teleport and run to Catherby. Hand over the fish and ask about the other brothers. 2) Cast home teleport, run to the Al Kharid mine, talk to Avan, who tells you to talk to Boot the Dwarf. Cast Falador teleport, enter the mine in the north-eastern part of the city and talk to Boot. 3) Cast Ardougne teleport and head to the Witchaven dungeon. Solve the puzzle and mine the gold. 4) Home teleport and run to the Al Kharid bank. Deposit your pickaxe and withdraw a Lumber yard teleport scroll, antipoison, charged Amulet of glory and the rubies and jewellery moulds and make the jewellery. Make them at the furnace, then run north and give them to Avan. 5) Use a Lumber Yard teleport scroll and head to the Jolly Boar Inn. Head upstairs, talk to Johnathon and give him the antipoison. 6) Use the Amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville. Withdraw whatever you need for the final fight, as well as runes to teleport to Varrock when you're done. 7) Once you've killed the demon, put the pieces back together, teleport to Varrock and talk to Dimentheis.[/hide]There's probably faster routes you can take, but with the proper preparations and by following the steps in this guide, you can easily wrap it up in under 30 minutes.
  23. Actually, if you keep loyalty maxed out you can put nine workers on maples and still get the same amount of nests - eight per day. You get one nest for every 100 logs cut. With the maximum amount of workers and funding you'll get just under 900 logs a day, with one less you get just over 800. The extra profit you get from the extra coal is more than enough to make up for the slight loss you get from cutting less maples, so assuming you keep your coffers full and your citizens at 100%, you'll get maximum profit with nine workers on maples and six workers on coal.
  24. It might, but I haven't been able to load RSOF since all these problems started.
  25. It's been hard getting into clan citadels too, I guess it's because you have to switch servers when you enter the portal.
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