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How to gain EP?


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I guess you could have four items, the one lost on death being 75k+ worth, when someone attacks you, just protect item.




While you do this you could I don't know, fish or something in PvP


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I just use 2 pieces of barrows, a dragon battleaxe, and a rune hally.




you know, stuff that I had lying around.




Here's my setup (rune hally is in inventory).




Sig by me, in MS paint, but I'm still working on it.

Suggestions appreciated


This guide is as concise as a gourmet's handbook with the guidelines of "Pick up fork, stab food, insert into your mouth, then chew".

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I also have a question regarding EP. I was mining and banking in a non-hotzone for awhile, and my EP went from 7-17-27-37 just like it was supposed to, then it stopped at 40 and hasn't budged, though I'm doing the exact same thing. What's the problem?

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You can only get up to 40 EP in a non-hotzone, so you will have to get the other 60 from hanging around in a hotzone.



99 Strength since 6/02/10 99 Attack since 9/19/10 99 Constitution since 10/03/10 99 Defense since 3/14/11

99 Slayer since 8/30/11 99 Summoning since 9/10/11 99 Ranged since 09/18/11 99 Magic since 11/12/11

99 Prayer since 11/15/11 99 Herblore since 3/29/12 99 Firemaking since 5/15/12 99 Smithing since 10/04/12

99 Crafting since 9/16/13 99 Agility since 9/23/13 99 Dungeoneering since 1/1/14 99 Fishing since 2/4/14

99 Mining since 2/28/14 99 Farming since 6/04/14 99 Cooking since 6/11/14 99 Runecrafting since 10/10/14

9 Fletching since 11/11/14 99 Thieving since 11/14/14 99 Woodcutting since 11/20/14 99 Construction since 12/03/14

99 Divination since 2/22/15 99 Hunter since 2/23/15 99 Invention since 01/20/17 99 Archaeology since 5/14/22
Quest Point Cape since 08/20/09
Maxed since 2/23/15 Fire Cape since 02/27/13
Slayer: 3 Leaf-Bladed Swords, 8 Black Masks, 2 Hexcrests, 26 Granite Mauls, 5 Focus Sights, 32 Abyssal Whips, 9 Dark Bows, 1 Whip Vine, 3 Staffs of Light, 15 Polypore Sticks

Dragon: 9 Draconic Visages, 7 Shield Left Halves, 20 Dragon Boots, 40 Dragon Med Helms, 8 Dragon Platelegs, 6 Dragon Spears, 20 Dragon Daggers, 5 Dragon Plateskirts, 1 Dragon Chainbody, 63 Off-hand Dragon Throwing Axes, 19 Dragon Longswords, 27 Dragon Maces, 1 Dragon Ward
Treasure Trails: Saradomin Full Helm, Ranger Boots, Rune Body (t), Saradomin Vambraces, Various God Pages
Misc:1 Onyx,1 Ahrim's Hood, 1 Guthan's Chainskirt, 1 Demon Slayer Boots

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I would take a good balance of cost and protection.




Karil's Leathertop, Verac's skirt, Skill Cape, Barrows gloves. The rest you can fill with low-cost stuff. Boots can be rune/addy/climbers, necklace can be defense ammy or power ammy, or even a glory, shield can be a godbook (they're free, after all, and sara is +8 to all defense) or Fally Shield, and helmet would be something like the bearhelm or larupia.




For weapon, I'd imagine d spear is the best. Although if you have claws, bringing them would give others an incentive to stay away, and you'd protect them besides.




Don't just stand around though, you'd waste your time. Train a skill. For example, pickpocketing the master farmer north of ardy is a good way.

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