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Break from slayer


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I'm planning on taking a MINOR(Like one day) break from training Slayer. I plan on doing Slug Menace and picking up some Prossy armor, but any other suggestions beyond that would help. Also, is it worth finishing RFD for the Barrow gloves? Thanks!

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Definitely get them. They're also good for range, better than black vambraces.




Definitely get the proselyte armour. I don't know how you slay without it.




Have you finished all the quests that provide easy access to Slayer stuff?


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I know barrows gloves are good, but can i do it in a day, thats the question :thumbsup:




EDIT: No barrows gloves for me, i checked the item info and it says i have to have done monkey madness which i never did.

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Then hurry up and do Monkey Madness. It gives the second best str training weapon in the game


Sara sword is the fastest so if you can buy one do it or use the above ^




Do RFD its worth it.

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