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I just got these for a slayer task for the first time, I have killed them before though.




1) What gear would be good to use for melee?




2) Is it true that they're weak to stab?




3) What inventory should I take?




I will not be canceling this task so don't suggest that I do please. Also, i'm going to melee these because I can use the slayer mask for them since they are my task, so please don't suggest ranging them.

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use regular melee gear with torso and legs swapped for dhide




I don't know about stab




Take 2 super str and att, along with food a bunyip or two and a good bit of swallow whole scrolls. They drop a good bit of raw lobbies swordfish and sharks so the scrolls are really nice.


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Karil Top and Skirt, Zammy Spear or Leafbladed Sword, Infinity/Mystic/Dragon Boots, Fury, Slayer Helm/Black Mask, Barrows Gloves. Take A few bunyip pouches (2 or 3), super restore potion, 2 prayer potions (for prayer flashing when on low health), swallow whole scrolls and 2 super sets. And yes, they are weak to stab.



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Ok so I think I have the right gear and supplies:






Is that good? The one extra space is for swallow whole scrolls, still waiting for those.




Looks like a good setup :thumbup:




You'll never get those scrolls... I've had an offer in at max for a week, and nothing has bought. Just buy a few extra pouches and change them to scrolls.


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They are weak to stab. You'll want armour with a high defensive magic bonus. Just take regular foor and super att/str potions. You will also want a healing familar. Bunyips are quite good with their scrolls, as the Aquanites drop raw fish at times.




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