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Mystic Mud Staff or Mud Battlestaff?


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I am thinking of leveling up my Mage with curse. I was looking on the GE to check the price of a Mud Staff. I saw Mystic and Battle. Battle is around 230k while Mystic is 100k. I looked up the difference of the two here on tip.it and it says that mystic mud staff gives a larger strength bonus than the Battlestaff. My question is..for training my Mage with curse does it matter which i purchase?

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Mystic is better than the other one only because its str bonus, the reason it is cheaper is because in the old PvP updates you could get them as drops, so GE got stuffed up with them, the normal muds kept coming only from Dagannoth Prime, so no one buys them now and they use them as junk


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The cheaper one is almost permanately impossible to buy?






Anyways imo buy either, you can just sell afterwards.

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just to clarify, mystic is cheaper because of the higher lvl reqs. to use it.




its a hard pick between the two. mystic is almost impossible at the ge but at the same time, you're losing 130k over smaller str bonus.




i checked the forums. sorry if my logic is incorrect. >.>

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