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Gilbert didn't do too terrible, since he's a literal freshman. McCoy's played every single game, then when it really matters, 5"11, 180 pound Gilbert gets thrown in.


Ya, this kid has alot of potential. If he didn't throw that crap shovel pass pick six at the end of the first half and the defense held Trent Richardson on that long run, Texas would have won.


Auburn's recruiting class looks AMAZING this year we have three 5* - Micheal Dyer, Cam Newton (#1 JUCO QB and already enrolled), Shon Coleman

AND we might get Marcus Lattimore, the number two RB on Rivals, or Lache Seastrunk, but I've heard Seastruck might not be able to get into college. Though if we get both we will have the top three RBs in this class (Seastrunk,Lattimore,Dyer). RUNNING BACK U!!!


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all i gotta say... is watch out for va tech next season.... offense will be stacked (ryan williams + Darren Evans, tyrod taylor, veteran wideouts, and solid o-line).. and defense is alway solid, were for real.




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My darkhorse next year is Florida State. They are stacked and have a new energy to them. They will make a run at a BCS bowl, the Orange Bowl specifically after winning the ACC or an at large if they lose.


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