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Shop Glitch Fixed?


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I took a break from RS and came back about a month ago. One easy way I could buy lots of supplies (i.e. vials, etc) would be to buy out the lot from one shop, log off, jump to another world, then find the same shop fully stocked. It doesn't appear to be the case any more. Was this changed? What is the refresh rate for shop stocked items now?

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Yes, it was changed. It was called the 'Personalized Shop Update'. Now, what I sell to the general store, no one else can see. It was just another way RWTers were transfering GP that ruined it for the rest of us. There are also very reduced numbers of items.

For future reference, there is a forum called Help and Advise for questions of this nature.


Oh, and welcome back to Runescape :grin:

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They take 24 hours to become fully stocked again.

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