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Greater demons


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I have a slayer task of greater demons, i was wondering if there were any places where i could safespot range them (which arent the ogre cave as i dont want to telegrab every charm drop or deep wilderness)

If not ill just kill them in brimhaven dungeon with prayer (i cbb to have to keep on bankingg :) )

ty :)


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The only other place to kill them is in Kuradal's Dungeon, but looking at your slay level that's obviously not possible; so yeah Brimhaven or skipping them are your two best options.



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There is a safespot in brimhaven near the mushroom I think... been a while since I ranged them there...


Good luck



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I've got them as a task now, and I am doing them in Wilderness Volcano. Ive seen a few rangers there, so there might be some safespots there.



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ill try the volcano out then thanks :) is there much threat from revenants?

I'm told they don't even patrol there. Even if they did, it's so close to a teleport that there's practically zero risk of losing equipment.


I ranged my last Greater task in the Wildy Volcano, and there's a plethora of safespots you can use. The whole crater is full of skeletons and rocks and little lava pools to block them on. They're pretty spread out anyway, so ranging is a natural fit for the area, and it's quick to get to. So it should work nicely for your purposes.

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