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Enhanced Excalibur


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Upon visiting the Lady of the Lake wearing the Seer's Headband 3, she will enchant your Excalibur to be an Enhanced excalibur. The attack and strength stats are a significant improvement. Additionally, the special attack restores 20 hp (takes several seconds) and boosts defence.


I'm a little confused, does this mean I just need to beat all the hard tasks or the whole diary to get the enhanced excalibur sword?


TY :)

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Whole diary.

[hide=Drops]Araxxor Eye x1 Leg pieces x2
GWD: 5000 Addy bar Steam B Staff x3 Z Spear x6 Sara. Hilt x2 Bandos Hilt x2 (LS, Solo)SS x6 (1 LS)
Tormented Demons: Shard x6 Slice x5 Claws x9 Limbs x3
DKS: Archer x21 Warrior x31 Berserker x30 Axe x51[/hide]

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The entire diary. If you complete just the hard tasks and try to collect your reward, you'll be told that you have to collect the lesser rewards first.

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