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Best npc for charms?


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I now theres probably a hundred topics like this but the search feauture isn't working for me. I couldn't get it to search for even runescape lol.


So my stats are

Atk 77

Strength 71

Def 70

Hit 74

63 Range

51 Prayer

71 Mage


Im looking for anything that drops charms, particularly crimson and blue.

Any suggestions? I don't have much money right now as everything is currently pretty wrapped up but i have barrows and whip/defender.

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I'd go with slayer, while not the fastest, it gains Slayer xp as well. If you want to camp, with your stats, you can try dusties?

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If you have the slayer level kill dusties. If you don't then kill greater demons. If you like, slay for the charms.

[hide=Drops]Slayer:Draconic Visage x3, Abyssal Whip x23, Dark Bow x3, Dragon Platelegs x3, Dragon Boots x40, Dragon Plateskirt x4, Shield Left Half x3, Dragon Medium Helms x10


CS: Zamorakian Spear x2, Zamorak Hilt x1, Bandos Chestplate x1, Sara Sword x1

DKs: Dragon Hatchet x3 Beserker Ring x1[/hide]

[hide=Completed Goals]99Attack.pngAchieved April 26, 200999Defence.pngAchieved Sept. 15, 200999Hitpoints.pngAchieved Nov. 21, 200999Strength.png Jan. 10, 2010

99Slayer.png Achieved Mar. 5, 2010[/hide]


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In truth if you don't have money to spare and with your stats its better to train with a monster which drops charms pretty well. Slayer like cptbaker08 said is a nice mix.


  • Dragon Axe x11
    Berserker Ring x9
    Warrior Ring x8
    Dragon Med
    Dragon Boots x4 - all less then 30 kc
    Godsword Shard (bandos)
    Granite Maul x 3

Solo only - doesn't include barrows[/hide][hide=Stats]


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Slayer works great for charms, if not killing greater demons works very well. :)




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