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  1. It'd be easier and faster to make some money and then buy the ore you need. Actually mining gold without the concentrated deposits would be extremely slow.
  2. Yeah, you can actually get these starting runes for free. It's entirely inventory-based.
  3. I think you're playing the wrong game. RS has always been something that was pure grind OR not needing to look at the screen. And guess what? It caters to a seemingly large number of players who like it that way. So, I'm sorry it doesn't please you, but I'm sure many other games would.
  4. I think everyone can agree that being on the lookout for mages while finding good nodes is more fun than running through the abyss for what seems to be thousands of hours. I've done over 150k runes in the abyss or ZMI, and trust me, this runespan is way more fun.
  5. Oh, I see the issue, then. Might be worth a little camping trip, then.
  6. Considering you get auto logged-out after 6 hours, this doesn't seem like such a huge issue altogether.
  7. 3hitu's answer was pretty funny :P The guy still fails to recognize that noone cares about his account anymore. Sad. Although, back in the day, he was quite the talk of the town, today it's pretty much dead.
  8. How about considering the possibility that some people might actually refer friends through this program, and add new players to the base? The more players we get, the better.
  9. It's about damn time that people realize that Andrew Gower received a [cabbage]load of money for Jagex. I dare anyone here to refuse hundreds of millions so that players get a true experience made and designed by passionnate people. Especially with the [cabbage]ty community RS has, full of scumbags and whiners (Not saying there aren't good people, because there are lots). The rants section is probably much more full than the appreciation section with the good comments. Andrew had every right to sell a company he built, just like you have every right to stop paying your membership or playing the game. If you don't enjoy the current state of the game, stop playing it and move on to real life. Not like it's gonna be a bad thing anyway.
  10. Finally 96 herblore :o I've not been playing for a while, but I'll take advantage of that for sure. It's a shame I didn't have the money for torstols.
  11. Well, of course they make it easier over time since there is more and more high-leveled content. We don't want the newbs staying as newbs as long as we were. An elitist game that doesn't leave a chance for new players to catch up the old ones is only fun for the latter.
  12. I guess my worst habit concerning Runescape was playing it.
  13. Now that I haven't played for a few months (like 3 weeks after BXP, I think), I feel like I've wasted a ton of time on that game. And guess what? I'm wasting tons of time on forums/stuff now. I feel like you can't always be productive in your life, and Runescape is there for those times when you just can't be arsed to talk with people/study/learn a language/Do anything useful. On tuesday, we had a particularly nice weather in the evening, you know, perfect summer temperature with just a small wind and the smell of summer evenings in the air. I sat outside for 2 hours doing nothing but enjoyingthis weather. What did that accomplish? Nothing. Did I enjoy it, yeah. So did I enjoy RS. Point is, since not everything that you do will be useful in your life, face the fact that you will waste a major part of it doing nothing useful. And that's fine by me.
  14. Probably gets benefits from Jagex for being THE #1 player. I second this. He's so lucky :blink: Would be a fair return on the Castle Wars time :P
  15. It sounds to me like you tried and failed a martingale :P If you want to further try your luck, you could empty miscellania, if you were keeping money there. Otherwise, just slay, I guess.
  16. It does depend on the number of game ticks when you hit or get it, and obviously you et it more often in multi combat. I just wish people without something would stop talking about it when there are obviously many people that DO have it. I've noticed my rapier to last waaay more in single than multi-way. Actually, way more than 10 hours, I'd say.
  17. You need to learn to hide names much better.
  18. fletching is so awesome. Cape is beautiful, I had a hard time choosing between it and my fishing one (Smith is so ugly it stays in the bank :P) Wear it proudly, and get this golden trim soon.
  19. IIRC, I had much more success fighting them with my blue dhide armor than with full rune, including in melee. The fact that someonje with very high levels stood there waiting to be killed by a level 50 monster doesn't mean much : It just wouldn't hit much anyway.
  20. About the second part, you don't need mousekey programs, they are a part of the windows OS since at least XP. A program that would do it for you would be considered a macro...
  21. It's lucky that you don't get it at the guild, since fletching has no guild :P
  22. Companies are there to make cash. That's life. However, if they cancel and renew their memberships often, as you mentionned, they can wait until their next membership to get that ugly cape, can't they? Heck, they don't pay and they get that unusually large demo, that should be enough.
  23. Do you think the completionist's cape reqs will change over time (à la quest cape)? that would add a nice dimension to it.
  24. Summoning pales in comparison to construction? WUT? Runecrafting and magic have basis in reality? WUT? Good old "game is getting worse day after day" article. What did I expect from the tipit times?
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