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Ascension vs. Golden Sun


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Made by Ivan

Ascension Defeats Golden Sun


We were pumped up for our 1st PVP Pkri, and yet we panicked that we wouldn't pull since the times were quite early. We started with slightly lower options compared to Golden Sun.




We started off doing slightly worse as we were lagging pretty hard, but we picked it up and maintained our options as Golden Sun dropped a bit. We focused more on their melees rather than rangers, they started to lose binders as the fight kept going. In the end we ended with more options, 78 to their 57 or so.




Good fight Golden Sun, we enjoyed it.

We know that PH crashed some returners from both sides.


Quick Shoutout to Anson who got KO'ed while trying to crash us, and our returners!



Good job everyone, you all performed well. Thanks for coming![/Quote]









Hi I'm Angelo, Proud cafq0zh5.gifFounder of Ascension


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Locked, if you have the evidence necessary for this to be unlocked, the requirements are HERE:


-2 kill pictures

-Ending Opts would also be useful


Feel free to PM me or another member of the staff with the above and the topic will be unlocked.




With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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