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  1. It's the internet's fault, so yuh. Tip.It needs the sarcasm emote too ffs. (#) :#
  2. Maul was best imo before EOC Idk about now.
  3. t-t-t-t-t--t-t-tears :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( best team ive been in yet rest in peace c a
  4. Long time no see mate, how are you doing?

    Cheers for the profile view by the way.

  5. That is a long checklist for a 141 war. Lmfao :ppppp
  6. I always keep snacks around for some reason I just can't war without eating at same time too!, Lol. Have checklist listed in notes too, 1. Sounds on 2. Auto Off 3. Set Quick Prayers 4. Hit quest tab - both circles 5. Lootshare on 6. make sure right runes for maging 7. make sure have arrows if ranging 8. narrow mage tab down 9. put safe mode on graphics 10. turn surrounding sounds off IRL or comp - ex. youtube 11. close downloads, msn, IRC, etc. 12. make sure in CC 13. close extra programs you have running on Comp. 14. Get off Curses, ancients, lunars
  7. There should be a public irc like #wars or #fights or something for all clan leaders to go to when need a fight and can just ask in there.
  8. What do you do? Do you play the game or do you just log in for wars? Play the game. If you was a Clan Leader, would you focus on your members just coming to wars or encourage them to try new skills and to play the game more regular to get involved with the community? Play the game, builds community more, ish. Not all talks would be catch-up, more about recences and currents instead. Do you know anybody who only logs in for wars, and if so do you think it's good or bad? Why? Tons of people, also people who log in to skill only >.> Don't mind really.
  9. When is it ok to crash? Solo-crash? 75% of time at least! Does your clan crash planned fights? Im in Tko, CW based so no. Do you Consider it 'NH'? Not necessarily. If someone in YOUR clan snipes other wars, do your clan officials take action? Of course.
  10. Congratz Envy. Well fought win. Can't believe all the FSK trolling on RSC lol it was a joke on their part they should learn how PVP works...
  11. personally, i cant view swiftimg lol cause i hate swift and it dont like me either i guess :P However swiftimg doesnt always work properly either, so might consider upload through imageshack or something i'd suggest Anyways nice thread, read it all. Beast be beast
  12. I dont go on Audio til last minute cause Im youtubing during mass trying to get focused 2 of Fav's:
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