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Ancient Legion defeats The Phoenix Legions


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Prewar and rules


Ancient Legion set up a war with our allies, The Phoenix Legions, with the following rules.


Matched opts +/-3

Melee + binds

Cap of two rangers

Cap of two snipers

North portal attacks

No corrupt

Rings on

Runehead only, no clan friends or allies

No multiclanners

Clan Wars Classic, center bounds


We were eager to put up a good showing against our allies and got together a reasonable pull of 20 to TPL's 17.


Ancient Legion's pull




TPL's pull






Each side got an immediate KO to start the war. TPL's second pile was Golden arm42, who tanked for three kills and gave AL a strong lead. Great tanking by GF Lips, Hero of Warz and Toni30000 sealed the deal for AL.












Thanks for the fight, TPL -- look forward to more.

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Was a good fight to watch, gratz AL. Maybe let them have a +3 advantage in your next war.


~%Runescape Elites - Advanced Elite ~ January 24th 2010 - Present

~@Clan Europe - Co-Leader ~ December 27th 2009 - Present

~@Team Rock - Official ~ May 25th 2009 - Present

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