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  1. i'm 8...can i still join
  2. oh thanks man, I had fun

  3. Oh Good luck TK, Your a boss Trinity :thumbup:
  4. im a crap member, never get anything
  5. hes 4n :ugeek: gf gx, i feasted personally. 11 kills
  6. Being funny != acting like at idiot. Look at Danny; I'd say he's probably one of the funnier members of Tip.it's clan community and he's still around. And most importantly, he isn't an idiot nor does he act like one. I have to wonder if any of those people who were banned at the time even bothered to appeal it or talk to the staff about why they were banned; of a surety they would not have been banned unless they made a monumental [bleep]-up or had a large history. I think Uffan is the funniest.
  7. yea i got banned like over 9000 times and all the funny people did too
  8. nice job The, good effort envy
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