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Well it isn't more of a burst/mauler PKer name than any other name, but like SirIzenhime said, I'm glad it isn't something like "I Mualz U I" (to steal his example :P). I like that it's short and pronounceable. A name that is easily pronounced is a big one for me :P I hate it if I have to look at a name and think about how it should be pronounced. With Azket there is no "thinking" required.

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Its not a bad name, however it is pretty easy to look up your stats


Make a more complicated one imo

'Rock Hard' boss pure - 60/60 Attack | 99/99 Range | 1/1 Defence | 44/44 Prayer | 99/99 Strength | 99/99 Mage - level 79 combat EOC


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Short, sweet, and memorable. I like it.

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The thing about Pker names is I never really understood why you'd want other pkers to know exactly what kind of Pker you are, before they even fight you :P

I'd go for this, roughly. I'm not a PKer in any sense of the word but it seems logical not to call yourself "cbowthenddsspec" <- just an example obviously :D

Then again as a poster above me said, it may be beneficialy to have your stats difficult to look up. Although I feel that's largely been made irrelevant due to font changes?

Anyway, it's short so as far as I'm concerned that's good.


Thanks to Jopie for this great signature.

99 Slayer|Fishing|Summoning|Hitpoints|Attack|Strength|Defence|Fletching.

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